The sound of rebellion and wild animal emotions. Untamed. Set free and raging. Real loud! WARZONE LOUD! All that is too crazy, too fucked up and so primal that only screaming and howling-pouring more noise onto ground zero is the only thing that feels close to being right.


Since the creation of man, there has been only one event that has rivaled it in magnitude. The year was 1993, in the month of June, a band was formed. A band so profound that they would move along for many years in absolute obscurity before finally achieving their first goal… to be the “LOUDEST BAND in Orange County, CA”. These men, all coming from various backgrounds, joined together create music unlike anything you have ever heard (or maybe you have) but one thing is for sure, after this nothing will ever be the same again.

RIKK AGNEW - GUITAR: Rikk's name has become synonymous with the O.C. PUNK sound. His songs pushed The Adolescents to the top of the Southern California hardcore scene with their first LP. He followed this with his first solo LP, ALL BY MYSELF, another classic before joining GOTH legends CHRISTIAN DEATH for their landmark debut ONLY THEATRE OF PAIN. Returning to his hardcore roots, he blasted his way through two LP's with D.I. before taking a second turn with the Adolescents for two more sets. Two more solo discs plus umpteen appearances as guitarslinger for several bands including ADZ, DAS KLOWN, and 45 GRAVE. Then silence... Right. Kick this.

LEO ULFELDER - GUITAR: Leo swung this job by showing up to a rehearsal and played one of the band's songs without being shown how. Is that fast or what? He was just entering kindergarten when POOP first started playing, which makes this band a bunch of cradle-robbing bastards. Has been known to play shows wearing nothing but his boxers while he duels Rikk in the feedback zone.

EMMITA JOHNSON - BASS: Her father introduced and inspired her to play guitar in the 6th grade. Her first band was an all girl band named Ragtyme at the age of 15, lasting over two years. She then switched to bass, playing in Super Heroines for Eva O. and performing in front of several thousand during the WGT festival in Leipzig. Showed up to a Poop practice and was asked to play, which she did - "cuz I never let an opportunity go". At 18 years, she is now the youngest member.

ALEX SCHULTZ - DRUMS: Alex has been playing the sticks for ten-plus years, the last seven on the throne for Terezodu. Though the two bands share members and influences, different chops bring a challenge for Alex's big bash and boom style; fewer breaks and more groove. Being that Alex likes to play, he seems bent on proving he can wear out both bands before tiring.

SCOTT HOOGLAND - VOICE: Played his first show not knowing any of the songs, having been handed a list of song titles the day before. Crazy fucker actually believes that rock and roll is a living breathing kaboomafuck that screams with every freedom to be heard, ringing forever... no end. Considers his vocal parts as the third guitar, and figures the song has yet to be written, so let the animal loose. Broke bones and teeth while playing in THE MECHANICS, LA MORT, THE WEASELS, and once played a show (guesting with some old bandmates) wearing little more than a jar of mayonnaise. Dies his hair red so that during shows it appears that he sweats blood.

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Office: 951-461-0027
Cell: 714-308-0859 or 714-603-3747


Chalet Time 2:02

Written By: Scott Hoogland

I couldn't see I was high as a kite
How do you think I feel?
I like the way you wear your dress,
So tight - the way you kick in heels

But it ain't so easy... and
I'm tired, I'm so damn tired
I'm dreaming of you, ma'am
and I'm wasting time again

Each time I see you, Ya make me
Sweat - and I get the shakes
Love's something I just can't get
It's always my heart you break

(Repeat Chorus)

Lil' Hitler

Written By: Scott Hoogland

Rake my flesh with your dancing hands
- Sweet little baby
Let wild eyes send a dream of sand
- I seed vision
It hurts when I whip ya, but I gotta have fun
And the blues, go down when baby's around
The blues... Go down, my baby
Now, you're so numb that you can't see
- I never wanted to be human
Mouth of fire, blood is sticky sweet - I kill love
It hurts and I wish that - Oh, I gotta have fun
And these blues, go down when baby's around
Yeah, these blues, so cold and yet so bright
The blues, oh put your mouth on mine
Yeah, my blues... Go down... My baby


8164-2: POOP (CD)
Group recorded just 3 masters which were released on a German single. Only release in the U.S. was as the lead off cut "Desecration Generation" on "Rikk Agnew's Smash Demos Vol 2".

Set List

Desecration Generation
Arc to Ground
Chalet Time 2:02
Lil' Hitler
Enema Punishment
Enema II: The Punishment Continues
Big Sky Pussy
Living Wiremouth Cat
Suburban Suicide
Solitary Confinement
(about 45 minutes)