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"SoCal Monthly Interview - March 2006"

POOP interview

All questions were answered by Rikk Agnew - guitar & Scott Hoogland - vocals

SCM: Why name the band poop?
RA/SH: The thousand reasons: We're Pissed Off Old Punks - Pissing Off Other People - Pushed Out Of Planes - Proud Of Our Penises (Ahh, yes we are)... the anagram thing. Honestly, I think we took it because nobody wanted it and eventually someone had to have it. The inevitability of it - nobody wants POOP for a name. I think Rikk and I got the Devil's grin when it came up. The bear on the California flag has that grin, and you'll notice the little green knoll he's on has these small brown clumps. POOP runs through everything.

SCM: Is this Poop lineup the same as in 1993? If not, whos left and whos new?
RA/SH: Half the same old farts. The other half were in kindergarten in '93. We're cradle-robbing bastards, we are. Oinky-Oinky pigs. SCOTT, RIKK and PERRY all from back when and we've added LEO and JIM on guitars, and ARNIE on drums.

SCM: When are you releasing something new?
RA/SH: That's too soon to be believed. 'Coz this band is so much about planning everything and being a well-oiled machine... Nothing ever by chance. Though all that has now changed for a new disaster-hazard fraught with chaos way of doing things. I'd say early March we shall give birth to the first full-length (a foot-long in shit humor). Then number two (sophomoric humor attempt) by September. The plan is to no longer procrastinate and just completely fuck up so often that we'll have five lps out in the next two years. It's a blood contract, so it can't fail. We're damn good at fucking up, so we're just gonna take full advantage of that fact.

SCM: Why do you have three guitar players and do they all play together or are a few like second string guitarists?
RA/SH: Yes, they do play together. Proof of miracles in the modern age. The reason for three is we want to push the sound to a wilder kaboom. Not louder, just more counterpoint and being creatively explosive. Only way to an end, and we're still looking for two more and a second drummer.

SCM: Why is Poop better than the shit Ive been listening to?
RA/SH: Because we want to be. We want to be more than just six turds in a bowl. It's a play on words really. Because bands and scenes have this way of becoming a bi competiton - Oh, we blow so and so's band into dust. They suck, we kick ass. No. There's no competition. We're better than the other shit 'coz there is no other shit, meaning us, out there. We do us better than anybody else can or could. Just like we can't go out there and be a better GBH than GBH is. We can't be a better Circle Jerks than the Circle Jerks. We
wouldn't even think to try. We do us. We are POOP and that's all we can be, and to try
being anything else wouldn't be real or honest. We won't live that.

SCM: How did you all meet and come to form Poop?
RA/SH: Rikk and I have known each other for 30 years. I'd wanted him to play bass for my band, but my guitarist wanted our old one back. I gave in but ended up hanging out with Rikk all the time anyway. Different bands came and went until we were both pretty much single so I asked him what's up? Wanna play guitar? There's so much music we've shared over the years, especially in 76-78 when we were pretty much the only punks in Fullerton and this was when you'd get laughed at for listening to it. We'd go up to L.A. when the bands there were just starting. We were at the Germs apartment when they had their first single release party. Saw lots of shows at the Masque, even played together for a Masque benefit as the Duplicators, me on bass and Rikk on guitar. And then we spawned. Both of us had known Perry for 20-plus years and we'd lost our first bassist when he couldn't make the hike back east so we grabbed him. Then Leo, who we'd snuck into the Doll Hut for a show with Doctor Know. We'd lost our zillionth drummer so we snatch Arnie up and figured we should grab Jim as well.

SCM: Who is in another band currently and does that get difficult to manage?
RA/SH: Let's see. Who isn't band whoring, its simpler. Scott is the only non-slut at this time. He doesn't care too as he did it for a while when he was in The Mechanics and was also singing for the Weasels. It gets too hard for him to choose over gig conflicts. And
it can be difficult to manage like these last few months and with the different tours
coming up. The trick is not to treat it like the end of the world and don't hold grudges.
Bad blood is pointless. The point is to make noise and let the music out.

SCM: Whats up with the young guys? They must be good to be in this band.
RA/SH: They are very good. Quick learners and being younger, they like the crazier stuff. Hard fast loud and heavy. Most older farts lean towards being tame, unlike Rikk and Scott.

SCM: When is your first show of 2006?
RA/SH: March, with the new record - a short tour up the coast with Sick On The Bus from the U.K. Should be fun as they're the - SoCal Montly


8164-2: POOP (CD)
Group recorded just 3 masters which were released on a German single. Only release in the U.S. was as the lead off cut "Desecration Generation" on "Rikk Agnew's Smash Demos Vol 2".



Since the creation of man, there has been only one event that has rivaled it in magnitude. The year was 1993, in the month of June, a band was formed. A band so profound that they would move along for many years in absolute obscurity before finally achieving their first goal… to be the “LOUDEST BAND in Orange County, CA”. These men, all coming from various backgrounds, joined together create music unlike anything you have ever heard (or maybe you have) but one thing is for sure, after this nothing will ever be the same again.

RIKK AGNEW - GUITAR: Rikk's name has become synonymous with the O.C. PUNK sound. His songs pushed The Adolescents to the top of the Southern California hardcore scene with their first LP. He followed this with his first solo LP, ALL BY MYSELF, another classic before joining GOTH legends CHRISTIAN DEATH for their landmark debut ONLY THEATRE OF PAIN. Returning to his hardcore roots, he blasted his way through two LP's with D.I. before taking a second turn with the Adolescents for two more sets. Two more solo discs plus umpteen appearances as guitarslinger for several bands including ADZ, DAS KLOWN, and 45 GRAVE. Then silence... Right. Kick this.

LEO ULFELDER - GUITAR: Leo swung this job by showing up to a rehearsal and played one of the band's songs without being shown how. Is that fast or what? He was just entering kindergarten when POOP first started playing, which makes this band a bunch of cradle-robbing bastards. Has been known to play shows wearing nothing but his boxers while he duels Rikk in the feedback zone.

EMMITA JOHNSON - BASS: Her father introduced and inspired her to play guitar in the 6th grade. Her first band was an all girl band named Ragtyme at the age of 15, lasting over two years. She then switched to bass, playing in Super Heroines for Eva O. and performing in front of several thousand during the WGT festival in Leipzig. Showed up to a Poop practice and was asked to play, which she did - "cuz I never let an opportunity go". At 18 years, she is now the youngest member.

ALEX SCHULTZ - DRUMS: Alex has been playing the sticks for ten-plus years, the last seven on the throne for Terezodu. Though the two bands share members and influences, different chops bring a challenge for Alex's big bash and boom style; fewer breaks and more groove. Being that Alex likes to play, he seems bent on proving he can wear out both bands before tiring.

SCOTT HOOGLAND - VOICE: Played his first show not knowing any of the songs, having been handed a list of song titles the day before. Crazy fucker actually believes that rock and roll is a living breathing kaboomafuck that screams with every freedom to be heard, ringing forever... no end. Considers his vocal parts as the third guitar, and figures the song has yet to be written, so let the animal loose. Broke bones and teeth while playing in THE MECHANICS, LA MORT, THE WEASELS, and once played a show (guesting with some old bandmates) wearing little more than a jar of mayonnaise. Dies his hair red so that during shows it appears that he sweats blood.

Contact Person: Sarah Lish
Email: booking@evilbrowncoiler.com
Office: 951-461-0027
Cell: 714-308-0859 or 714-603-3747