Poor Man's Lobster

Poor Man's Lobster


Dimensions have been crossed and the wiring in the brain altered...spawning a new musician one who hears the light within and is driven to succeed with genre-bending openness. Poor Man's Lobster's only aim is to introduce a new unique perspective on "Righteous Music".


Sitting on a Sterling, VA kitchen floor at the wee-hours of the morning the phrase Poor Man's Lobster was blurted out, laughing, a band was born. Since 2006 Poor Man's Lobster has played 2-3 shows a week in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Poor Man's Lobster's obbsesion with pelvic gyration is attributed to the great music that has shaped there sound. James Brown, Weather Report, The Allman Brothers Band, Grateful Dead, and Jazz Monsters from Tony Willams Jr. to Cannonball Adderly to John Coltrane. Their serious approach to a fun, lucid and explosive shows is attributed to four of the members attending The George Mason School of Music, with a University of Tennessee Music Graduate already within the ranks of this five piece percolator.


Poor Man's Lobster - "Live at The State Theatre, December 4th, 2009"- DVD

Poor Man's Lobster - "Sleep When I Die" (Debut Album)

Set List

At Music Venue, One Hour to Two Hours of all original music, Bars all night with some soul/funk/hip-hop covers