Poor Mans Poison

Poor Mans Poison

 Hanford, California, USA

Smooth acoustic sound, nice harmonies a style all its own known as folk country with an island twist created from a backround of rock, raggae, indie, hip pop and metal. putting heart and soul into every detail and creating a consistant flow of great quality songs has been our recipe to success!!!!!!


From the heartland of California, these five life-long friends and band mates bring their combined passion for music to the stage and studio. With their powerful combination of toe tapping acoustics and smooth, spellbinding harmonies, they artfully weave their view of life’s experiences into witty and meaningful lyrical journeys.
Poor Man’s Poison discovered early on that just being themselves is best. The result is pure, honest music impossible to forget.
Having already cultivated a devoted following in Central California and beyond, Poor Man’s Poison is currently being heard on more than 20 radio stations, headlining venues throughout the state and regularly drawing crowds of more than 500 people.
Currently at work on their third album, Poor Man’s Poison is busy doing what they do best – making music.
A few highlights from the past year:
• Opened for Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real at The Wien Family Winery
• Performed at the famed Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles
• Opened for The Brothers Comatose at the Blue Sky Fest, in Mammoth Lakes, CA
• Opened for The Derailers at The Historic Hanford Fox Theater
• Performed at Springtini Fest with more than 5,000 people in attendance
• Performed at the Hanford Farmer’s Market to crowds of over 4,000
• Headlined The Cellar Door in Visalia, California and opened for such groups as Langhorne Slim and The Devil Makes Three
• Performed at Political Fundraiser for California Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman
• Performed at Audie’s Olympic Tavern in Fresno, California opening for such groups as Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies, Frankenstein 59, and Spindrift
• Performed at SLO Brew in san Luis Obispo, California with Joe Koening and Lucas Ohio


Georgia Law Man

Written By: Poor Man's Poison

Georgia Law Man

They caught hell down on that county line.
He said Georgia Law Man you ain’t takin’ what’s mine.
And high noon came a little too soon that day.
Ya see, he’d been fighting his way through the southern states,
With a bottle of whiskey and a few mistakes.
When he fell right into love with a girl named Grace.

He said, Well I died today, When you took my breath away.
With that Oklahoma sunshine on your face.
And I’ll find away, To promise you forever,
Even if forever means I’m gonna have to sell my soul today.

So they rode together just a raisin’ Caine,
Cheatin’ death out of them poker games.
And then knocking up the bank on the back way out of town.
With the Marshall’s boys never far behind,
And then west Virginia out on the horizon.
He thought it best to let her know right now.

He said we could’a died today, But I loved you all the way.
And I’d go right down to Hell just to set you free.
And I’d find a way, To promise you forever,
Even if forever means dying right here with you next to me.

So when Hell came down on that county line,
And all I could remember was the Oklahoma sunshine.
She looked at him, and he looked away.
He said I heard West Virginia looks just like Heaven.
And, right here’s about as close as we’re gettin’
I don’t think we’re gonna win this one today.

We’re gonna die today, But I loved you all the way.
And i’d go right down to Hell just to set you free.
And I’d find a way, to promise you forever,
Even if forever means dyin’ right here with you next to me.

Devil's Price

Written By: Poor Man's Poison

The devil said sit and have yourself a glass
He said I know your angry right now, but the feeling will pass
So keep your cup tipped up when your feeling down low
And when you finally forget your purpose
You’ll be stumbling down my side of the road.
Oh you know it aint good for you
to keep going on like you do, times running away and it’s running fast
Woah, said I know. I used to walk down the very same road
And if I could I’d give you some advice
Said he don’t care about you, or the good or the bad you do no
He want your life and thats the Devil’s price, Yeah the Devil’s price

Same devil said sit and have yourself a line
Said we can make it last all day, yeah we can make it last all night
When you try to go to sleep I’ll be in your ear
I’ll be laughing at you, the whole night through
with your paranoid eyes all full of fear


The devil just left he said he had to go
It’s funny how it works that way, when you just start telling him no
So just keep on keeping on down that way
I said your almost done, got the devil on the run
and you and got no price to pay

I said I know. I used to walk down the very same road
And I think you can if you’d taken my advice
Said he don’t care about you, or the good or the bad you do no
He can’t take your life, you aint paying the price, Yeah the Devil’s price


Poor Man's Poison (Self Titled Album)
Friends with the Enemy
Its Alright

Radio stations played or currently playing our music
nashville express [NE] (92.6 FM)

KMMT - 106.5 FM
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Southern Radio [WALW] (98.3 )
Moulton, AL

KTEP [KTEP] (88.5 FM)
El Paso, 43 1

KFRR 104.1

Airplay Direct




Set List

Georgia Law Man
crown Vic Headlights
Battle Hands
Call for soldiers
Friends with the Enemy
Jump that train
Fathers Day
At The Winds Will
Forget My Name
Slow Down
A Foot Lost
Always You
Greedy Man
Christmas Beers
Hello Rain
River Song
Devils Price
Long Way Home
A Place For Friends
And More!!
Very few covers, mainly originals. 1hr sets, or 2 45 Min Sets is typical