Poor Tom

Poor Tom


Poor Tom's aggressive tone punches through to the audience and just builds constantly without letting up on their classic influences. Their personality as a band is forceful, energetic and fun; the way a rock band ought to be. Overall, Poor Tom rocks.


Poor Tom is:

Trevor Young - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica

Ryan Kennan - Lead guitar, backing vocals

Andre Aube - Drums, backing vocals

Brad Young - Bass, backing vocals

Poor Tom are Showcasing Artists at the 2011 ECMAs
Poor Tom is now booking gigs showcasing their original music! Opening for acts like Matt Mays, and headlining their own shows.

The band itself has been an entity for nearly a decade with various talented musicians taking up one role or many in the ranks of Poor Tom. Poor Tom played in the east coast of Canada for many years before its members went their separate ways. After 4 years, three of the original members, Trevor Young, Andre Aube and Ryan Keenan, returned to reform the band with newcomer Brad Young. The band as it is now has one mandate; to play like they love it--and they do love it. They love it so much that the crowd can't help but love it too. And honestly, who could ask for more from a rock and roll band?

And they are a rock and roll band. Poor Tom doesn't stray too far from the realm of rock, and if they do they still try to make it rock. Poor Tom is currently billed as a cover band with many originals. The guys believe that musical influence is more than just a regurgitation of the song you heard on the radio last week or 80 years ago. Music has an enormous impression on the listener, and Poor Tom is more about the energy they get from music they love. It makes for a livelier show. It makes for good music. In light of their biggest influences, the band relies on simplicity and draws as much energy from that riff or groove or vocal hook as they humanly can. What's the sense in complicating rock when you haven't pulled everything you can out of the simple stuff?


New Orleans

Written By: Trevor Young

Take a gray hound baby, all the way to New Orleans
like the blues done told me, I'm gonna cause a scene
If you wanna come now, get ready for a surprise
Maybe I'm just dreamin, why don't you come along,why don't you come along for the ride

New Orleans is calling me
New Orleans won't let me be

Gonna get drunk baby, Let it all hang out
Smoke my mind a thousand times, without a doubt
If you see me walkin down the street at night
come on why don't you give me some love, you know you make it all, you know you make it all all right

New Orleans is calling me
New Orleans won't let me be
Yeah she said just come on down
New Orleans she's a hell of a town


The band is currently working on their first album.

New Orleans is streaming on RuKus Radio

Set List


1. New Orleans
2. I ain't gonna stay
3. Cheap talkin woman
4. Pistols Drawn
5. Fade
6. Traffic
7. I'm leavin
8. Don't Stop
9. Two more times
10. Prom Queen
11. Still Trying
12. That's it
13.Can't Help Myself
14.All Night
15.Kick Back
16.H Song


1.Tired of Waiting/Hey Jude - The Trews
2.When You Leave - The Trews
3.No Time For Later - The Trews
4.Cocaine Cowgirl - Mat Mayes
5.Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon
6.Crawl - Kings of Leon
7.Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
8.Everlong - Foo Fighters
9.Twice As Hard - The Black Crowes
10.She's A Genius - Jet
11.Money - Pink Floyd
12.Slither - Velvet Revolver
13.Cold Hard Bitch - Jet
14.Rollover DJ - Jet
15.Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones
16.Are you going to be my girl - Jet
17.Starseed - Our Lady Peace
18.Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band
19.Ohio - Neil Young
20.Saving Grace - Tom Petty
21.Better Get Used To It - Big Sugar
22.Rock And Roll - Led Zeppelin
23.Always On The Run - Le