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Chennai, Tamil Nādu, India | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Chennai, Tamil Nādu, India
Established on Jan, 2014
Band World Classical



The best kept secret in music


"Tamil classic literature presented majestically by Poorvaa with an American ensemble"

‘Poorvaa’ is the story of music and love, throwing open opportunities to step outside one’s own box. Through Poorvaa, we hope to get a taste of the millions of sensations out there in the world waiting to be experienced. Pradeep Kumar, the driver of this chariot has built the idea of Poorvaa to discover connections between cultures throughout the world, finding relevant bridges between the ancient wisdom available to us and our current, contemporary sensibilities, thereby breaking borders using art.

What started out as a tentative experiment in incorporating different genres of music into an Indian context, became the widely successful ‘Yodhakaa’ (2009), a Contemporary Indian music band, who used traditional and modern Sanskrit poems as a vehicle to explore the deep-rooted connection between Indian music and the music of the world. Pradeep Kumar, Susha, Sean Roldan and Kalyani Nair knew each other, being active performers in the music scene in Chennai, but when they met at Yodhakaa, they formed what was to become a close fellowship where ideas, music, thoughts and friendship were exchanged and continue to be exchanged. This paved way for ‘Poorvaa’. The first iteration of Poorvaa came out of hours of relentless jamming between Pradeep and Sean, and has now grown to be an international project- a collaboration between musicians from India and America. Poorvaa started performing in 2012 with Pradeep Kumar (vocals and guitar), Sean Roldan (vocals and ukulele), Susha (vocals and percussion) and Praveen Kumar (percussion) who slowly developed the craft of carrying these immense gems of Tamil poetry in a journey that took Pradeep right back to the beginning.

For Pradeep this is a personal story that goes back to his initial years of training in Trichy with J Venkatraman, whose infectious joy and inspiration has seeped into Poorvaa’s core. Soon after he started writing music for the poems, Pradeep journeyed through Arunagiri’s birthplace, Thiruvannamalai and started tracing his travels as a musician, in some ways acting as a channel between the times of the great poet and now.

‘Poorva Vol 1. Arunagiri Perumale’ is the first tangible step towards a global exchange between genres, traditions and timelines of music and art. Pradeep sought help from an old friend Elias Boquillon, who he met at one of his early trips to Boston, and told him about his ideas for Poorvaa, and the possibility of a large-scale concert with a collection of Thiruppugazh poems. Several late night skype calls and a furious exchange of emails later, Pradeep, Sean and Susha met with Elias and started setting up ground for ‘Poorvaa Vol. 1 Arunagiri Perumale’ to take place in Boston.

In October 2014, this concert took place with an amazing audio and video tech crew, who captured 8 poems by Arunagiri Nadhar composed by Pradeep, arranged by Kalyani, performed with Sean, Susha and a 16 piece chamber ensemble put together specifically for this project. ‘Santhatham’ is Poorvaa’s first video release from this concert.

Over the course of the year, Poorvaa hopes to release a live album for this performance and a docu-feature that will encapsulate the music and essence of Poorvaa and set it up as a background score to the life of Arunagirinadhar, his immense contribution to Tamil literature and poetry, the significance of Thiruppugazh in the way we treat music and rhythm as a seamless whole.

Watch the video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20b7M-QNbuk


Pradeep Kumar

Composer, Poorvaa

Performs Vocals and Guitar

Pradeep is an intense, sensitive Indian musician who began his training in Carnatic music at the age of five. He started performing at the age of 11. He was exposed to a wide range of musical styles and cultures during his trip to Boston in 2008. This triggered the idea of taking traditional material and presenting it in a way that has all his present musical influences.

Kalyani Nair

Arranger, Poorvaa


Kalyani is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist who began her journey in arranging when she had the opportunity to sing for western classical choirs. She then studied western classical vocal and composition and is currently arranging music for many film productions here India. She has written all the arrangements for the Poorvaa ensemble.

Sean Roldan

Performer- Vocals and Ukulele

Sean has been an integral part of Poorvaa right from the beginning. He is a singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist. He has trained rigorously in Carnatic music from a very tender age. He was influenced by many different styles of music, especially the ‘blues’. Right now he is one of the most sought after Indian film music composers.


Performer Vocals and Percussion

Susha is an Indian classical and jazz musician. She is also a visual artist & she explores cross-cultural art, spanning the range of visual and performance art. She is the creative director of Poorvaa Productions.

Elias Bouquillon

Director of docu-feature

Elias is a composer, producer, engineer, and technician. He is the CEO of ShamRockin’ Records which is an experiential learning and archiving organization that focuses on music and its power to convey the essence of a culture. He is working with Poorvaa Productions in a variety of functions.

It is best summarized in the role of directing the film about the experiences surrounding Pradeep’s adventures through time.

For photos and more details about the story of Poorvaa-www.poorvaa.com - Skore


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