Austin, Texas, USA

An independent, Austin-based band, named for the dead clown in 'Hamlet' and founded in a "very silly place". Several years of association have led to a melange of original rock & roll, folk & roll, swing, blues, jazz, and the like...and sometimes we let Woody near a microphone.


What? The band's name is what?...POOR YORICK...the long dead jester to the now dead king,.. just a skull,.. from the play,.. 'Hamlet'...you know,...by Shakespeare?....the writer? Yes, he's dead too.

That which was to become POOR YORICK fell together in Austin, Texas in 1987. Actually, the seminal members of PY met in a rather huge psychiatric hospital...(they were the paid help if it must be told) and started playing their original song-oriented, rock tunes around the Austin music scene...(Joe's Generic Bar, The Austin Outhouse, Waterloo Ice House, etc...)

POOR YORICK'S INFLUENCES are predictably rooted in the classic rock, blues, pop, jazz, country of the '60s and 70's to be sure,...and as a result the original songs, though 'eclectic' (oh, that word), are still comfortable and accessible to anybody who appreciates such roots. The band has been recording since the '80s and has an extended list of independent LP collections to their credit. (see discography). Much of the catalog is currently listed on such download sites as itunes, Amazon, etc.

Though there have been some transient members over the years (and we mean that in the nicest way), a consistent core has managed to cling together and crack on far into the 21st century. The band is anchored by seminal member RON NOTTEBART who contributes much of the band's original repertoire as writer and vocalist. JAMES JOHNSON, another original member, handles much of the lead guitar work and backing vocals. The hard-to-ignore "WOODY" WOODRUFF, yet another of the original 'Yoricks', holds down the bass-work and shines vocally on occasion with the "odd" ditty here and there. Keyboard/vocal duties are aptly handled by one-time-mentor, now full-time-member, "LOST" JOHN CASNER. And on drums/percussion, the longest tenured drummer ever to play with this motley crew, is the amazing TRISHA REIS.

POOR YORICK might be summed up (though it is to be doubted) by a casual comment someone made to them during a break at a local Austin appearance. The fan noted how much he was enjoying the music and how "nobody is doing this anymore." Doing what?...Exactly!

So...come, marinate in the uber-dramatical pastiche!(yeah,..we had to look it up too).



My Baby’s Insane

Written By: (Ron Nottebart) ©(p) 2012 One-Hand-Clapping Music

My baby’s insane. My baby is three-sheets-crazy!
Cause she loves me so
I always make her cry and she never gives me cause
But she loves me so,..it makes you wonder if there’s anyone home.

My baby’s not bright. My baby’s as dumb as a hammer
Cause she loves me so, ..
Everybody tells her she could do a lot better
But she loves me so,..it makes you wonder is she’s got a full deck.
I can tell you I’m a pain in the neck.
This relationship’s like watching a wreck
'Cause my baby’s insane!

My baby’s got something wrong. My baby’s got bona fide problems!
Cause she loves me so,..she keeps comin’ back for more so its gotta make you wonder,
Yeh, she loves me so,..
It's not much different than a moth to a flame.
She keeps comin’ back for more of the same.
She oughta quit when she’s ahead of the game,..
My baby’s insane!

Let's All Be Normal

Written By: (Haney/Nottebart) ©(p) 1991 Sideffects Music

I've got a great idea, I've got it all worked out
I'll just come up with fear, you just provide the doubt
I'll make sure I'm OK, I'll make sure you are too
If you don't want to play, we'll just make fun of you
Let's all be normal! Let's all be just like me!

I'll have the standard thought, I'll have the mind 'du jour'
I'll take the safest words, I'll take the guided tour
Give me the status quo, frame it in white cement
That's all you need to know, we could be quite content
Let's all be normal! Let's all be just like me!

I don't think that you should really have to think that much

I don't care if it's cheap as long as it costs alot
Measuring everyone by what they have not got
How can I not be scared when you keeping making sense
Leaving it in the dark, this was my best defense
Let's all be normal! Let's all be just like me!
I'm Captain Normal! I'll make you just like me!

Walking Through

Written By: (Ron Nottebart) ©(p) 2012 One-Hand-Clapping Music

I can lie ‘cause I’m good at that too
I can tell little stories to pacify you
But the truth of it is that I don’t have clue
I’m just standin’ in line…I just walkin’ thru

I can tell that you’re finding me out
That I’m not quite as sure as I am full of doubt
That you’ll see just what only skin deep is about
I’m just phonin’ it in…I’m just walkin’ thru

Now its not easy to make this look good
If I knew how to fix it I would

So I put on a pretty good show
I can cover in flash what I just do not know
I can make it come true just by saying it’s so
I’m just standin’ in line…I’m just walkin’ thru

Up For Sale

Written By: (Ron Nottebart) ©(p) 2012 One-Hand-Clapping Music

I’m sick of hearing I don’t have a chance now
No hope in hell if I don’t wanna dance now
Not happy ‘less they got you in a trance and
Up for sale

Some lizard always talkin’ ‘bout the big leap
Some wizard makin’ promises he can’t keep
I’m tired of the way they’re puttin’ us sheep
Up for sale

What do I hear! What do I hear!
For this lovely piece of merchandise
What do I hear! What do I hear!
I you prepared to make (be) the sacrifice?

Some righteous piggie talkin’ in his new suit
He’s banking on the chance you’ll find him too cute
And in the lobby they’re rendering your voice moot
And you’re up for sale

Don’t worry, you’re the target demographic, man
You’re voting in the only way a puppet can
Small minds are getting’ busy makin’ big plans
And you’re up for sale


Written By: (Ron Nottebart) ©(p) 2012 One-Hand-Clapping Music

Transmitter has failed
We’e not sending
There’s nobody listening
They can’t know we’re here

Transmitter has fail
There’s no reason to think anybody can hear us

We’re just announcing to the void
It’s just a vacuum
There’s no signal
No sound
It’s just space

No use trying, power down
Close the session, lets just drift AWAY!

Transmitter has failed
They’re not listening
Just biding their time
‘Til it’s their turn to talk

Transmitter has failed
There’s no reason to think anybody will hear us

Let’s just do what we came here for
Strap us in and we’ll just blast AWAY!

Transmitter has failed
Transmitter is down

Do you read
Please come in
Do you read
Do you read
Please come in
Do you read
Do you read?
Do you read!?


2012 SINGLE/EP 'Another Horse Race'
2012 LP (CD) 'Jester Vault' (itunes, amazon, etc.)
2008 LP (CD) 'Yuletide Fool'
2007 LP (CD) 'A Fish Tale' (itunes, Amazon, etc.)
2005 LP (CD) 'Aren't You Glad You Came' (itunes, Amazon,etc.)
1995 (CD) LP 'Caucasia'
1992 (CD) LP 'What Fools'
1991 (Cassette) EP 'Let's All Be Normal'
1990 (Cassette) LP 'Comedies and Tragedies'
1988 (Cassette) LP 'Armchair Vacation'

Set List

(from 8/3/2012 appearance)

Faking Cool
Pirate Dance
Old New England
One Two Three
We’ve Paid Our Fare
Slow Dance Song
Cool Breeze
Petite Charade Stupide
Another Chance
Hello Elaine
Ordinary Guy/Cowboy song
Frictionless World
You Stole My Lunch
What the Hey

Alright Honey
Walkin’ Through
I Might Be Wrong
A Very Good Day
Fairly Numb
Now I Know
Lord Jim
My Baby’s Insane
Monkey and the Rat
Gone Munkeys
Best Gov’ament Money Can Buy
Big Daddy
Let's All Be Normal