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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Editor's review"

Poosa pen airy, cutesy indie rock tunes like Blast Off Country Style or Virginia Dare -- songs that are simultaneously silly and profound. A dash of country, a touch of goofy, and a whole lot of childlike wonder make for a musical merry-go-round that's a bubblegum pop delight. - Download.com

"101 Local Album reviews"

Hooray! We’ve finally found the missing link between The Cowsills and Shonen Knife. If you like hyperkinetic, dorky jingle-pop, this stuff’s for you. Diabetics, be forewarned. It’s probably a bit too upbeat for you Karen Carpenter fans, but who knows? Poosa might be worth keepin’ an ear on ... look how fucked-up Julianna Hatfield turned out! - Pulse of the Twin Cities

"Hot Tickets"

Poosa is apparently a nickname that lead singer Melissa Sonnen has had since childhood, just by way of explanation, and Poosa’s music has a kind of childlike quality to it. Sonnen’s voice is untempered and excitable, while their album Hyacinth calls to mind Built to Spill’s unhinged and ramshackle raggedness. Elements of bossa nova sneak into “My Darling” and amiably swinging ballad “Brighton Beach” tempers the edginess of much of the rest of the disc. The title track shifts tempos several times, and while that’s pretty much as experimental as it gets, engineer Rich Mattson (who’s officially leaving the Twin Cities later this month) has gotten some good sounds down on tape for this one and the Ol’ Turf Club seems like just the right venue for Poosa’s charmingly off-key rocking and rolling. With Rich Rue and Nikki Matteson and Spike Driver. - Pulse of the Twin Cities


"German Preoccupation", "Hyacinth" available on cd. Twin Town High Compilation available on cd. We have tracks on various online radio stations and Mpr plays a few tracks on the local show in Minneapolis.



Poosa comes as a wave of originality to crash the finest tide pool party. Poosa is like a mimosa. They're going to show you a new view of the moon and you'll kick your own ass if you don’t look up to see. Melissa Sonnen, the front of Poosa (Poosa is actually her nickname since childhood) is charming and childlike in voice and spirit. Rob Stealcheat (Squidballs, Touchy Feely) is her accompanying guitarist and song-writing partner. He is the land she is the sea. Together they are the shore. The two of them sing a cover of Shane and Sinead’s “Haunted by the Ghost” as though they took a fine sea worthy vessel all the way to the beach and crashed it on the jagged rocks. From the prettiest melodic acoustic track “Brighton Beach” to the rockers “Do You Want to go to Paris”, “Another London Sunday” and “Crazy Colored Boats” Poosa is the future retro. The electric Poosa will, in fact, rock the boat. With everybody’s drummer, Jason Deming (Beangirl, the Odd, Peeling Wheelie), and bass from the bottom of a bass boat by Paul MacFarland (Sam Planet and the Overcomers) - Poosa plays like a surfer in a red bikini. Recorded and mixed under the nurturing care of Rich Mattson (Glenrustles, Ol’ Yeller), you’ll even find Rich wading with surf guitar on “Moon of Sin”.