PoPa SapKA

PoPa SapKA

 Timişoara, Timiş, ROU



About Popa Sapka
Popa Sapka is a Romanian Balkan pop ska band founded in Timisoara, Romania, since 2008.
The members are:
Dima Bodarev – voice, accordion
Mircea Radu – guitar, balalaika
Vladimir Darii – keyboards and FX
Daniel Daicu – bass
Paul Bologan – drums and percussions

Some of the festivals and clubs where the band performed at:
SZIN Festival, Hungary
PIVOLAND, Macedonia
IRAF (International Romani Art Festival) Romania
VINO-SKOP, Macedonia
GODOR Club, Budapest, Hungary
CASTRO Club, Skopje, Macedonia

Popa Sapka performed with artists like:
Esma Redzepova
Dubioza Kolektiv
Zdob si Zdub
Romano Drom
Paco Pena
Estelle Goldfarb
Balkan Beats

Their music reflects the balkanic influence, mixing together ska, pop, post punk, gipsy, rock, reggae, folk and last but not the least, the traditional music of „mother Russia”. They’ve named this world music mixture: „BALKAN POP SKA”.
The lyrics are linguistic combinations of English – Russian, Moldavian – Romanian , Gagauzian and Bulgarian, that send a musical message of social contrasts and human’s nature contradictions.
Popa Sapka performs on festivals, clubs and private parties, even in a theatre or penitentiary. They have been doing this successfully and they are not easy to stop!