Pope Joe

Pope Joe


Our music can best be described as Alice in Chains meets the Black Crowes with a pinch of Zeppelin undertones. In short...we like to rock. And, for all those who do as well...We Salute You!


In the spring of 1997, after 5 years of touring with Modern Myth, Presence, and Fifth Business, Scott Spencer and Joe Tortora formed Pope Joe. The original line-up consisted of Scott Spencer on lead vocals & guitar, Joe Tortora on lead guitar & vocals, Mike Rogucki on bass, and Dan Roveto on drums.

Over the next 2 years, the band rocked the northeast from New Jersey to Massachusetts, playing over 50 shows and establishing themselves as one of the up-and-coming local acts. During that time, the band managed to record a 4 song EP that included the hard-hitting anthem "Man in the Sky", which began playing locally on college radio.

Soon, they were venturing into New York City and New Jersey, where they became a monthly fixture at Images, in Fairview, New Jersey, from March 1998 –August 1998. But, all good things most come to an end. And, in July of 1998, Mike Rogucki left the band, leaving the remaining members to fulfill gig obligations with rotating bassists. The band played through the end of 1998, but never regained the magic it once had.

Soon after the band broke up, Scott went on to become a VJ with "The North American Rock and Roll Music Tour", and Joe began touring with Bustin Stones, a Rolling Stones tribute band. And, as time went by, it appeared that Pope Joe’s candle had faded as quickly as it was lit.

But, in Sept. 2000, all that would change. While jamming one night at Scott’s apartment, the two began work on a new sound and new direction. Tired of playing with half-hearted musicians, the two began a new era of Pope Joe, but as a duo. The result was the 9 song EP, "The Valley and Beyond", released in 2001, which featured the hit singles "Embrace" and "Black Summer", and showcased the songwriters talents on bass, drums, and keyboards as well.

Shortly after the completion of the EP, Scott moved to Los Angeles, and Joe continued to tour with Bustin Stones, while making several appearances with house bands in New Jersey and Connecticut. While in L.A., Scott opened up for several local bands, as a one-man acoustic act, and jammed with several groups, including The Dean Rossi Project & Firefly.

During that time, "The Valley and Beyond" began to attract interest from several small record companies in LA, but when contract negotiations stalled in early 2003, Scott returned home to CT, unsure of Pope Joe’s future.

Two years went by before Scott and Joe started to write again, in early 2005. And after numerous jam sessions, fueled by Hoegaarden Belgian Beer, the two turned their focus back to Pope Joe and a new album.

The result was "II". This 9 song EP truly captures the definitive classic rock sound that propelled Pope Joe onto the Connecticut local scene in the mid 90’s. From the driving riffs of "Free", "Driftin", & "Hold Onto Me", to the melodic arrangements of "The Acoustic Song" & Hello", "II" is destined to become a classic rock masterpiece.

And, with Gary Berdn on Bass and Joe Hashim on Drums, the Pope has officially returned to spread it’s continued message:

"The Pope Has Come To Save Rock N’ Roll"


"The Valley and Beyond" - 2001 EP
Singles include " "Embrace" & "Black Summer"

"II" - 2006 EP
SIngles include: "Driftin", "Free", & "Hello"

***"Driftin" will be receiving local radio time in CT in the next month on local college and FM stations***

Set List

Our Typical set list:
3.Piece of Mind
7.Come Alive Today
8.Since I've Been Gone
9.Toy Brother
10.Black Summer
Our set time depends on the showcase length.