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Popes of Chillitown

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"Popes of Chillitown"

Popes of Chilitown - Buy One Get One Free (7/10)

Ah, the sound of five chaps (and one lady) thinking aloud in regards to not wanting the summer to ever end, urging Endemol to "reconsider churning out the same crap"; sounding for all the world like a mishmash betwen Get.Cape and forgotten ska warriors Kind Prawn; not bad indeed. [OR] - Rock Sound


"Buy One Get One Free" is a great track, fresh and original and the band has the tightest sharpest ska sound we've ever had on the show - it grooves like a bastard."

Tom Robinson - BBC 6Music

"Popes of Chillitown - Buy One Get One Free"

When I hear the words Brit & Ska put together I normally run away screaming words like 'Blasphemy’ and 'Against Nature’ but I guess I can’t say that about a band called 'Popes of Chillitown’.
And in truth I wouldn’t say it now I’ve heard the band in question, They have Ska leanings for sure and their vocal style is definitely in the Brit arena but they do make good music and deliver without disappearing up their own arses.

The sax work is terrific – very reminiscent of Madness – and the guitar playing is fine, they all play at a high level, and the vocals have a distinct London edge – thanks for not trying to sound like fake Jamaicans guys!
I could diss the lyrics a little but subtlety comes with experience and this EP makes it sound as though they will get a lot of experience. Their songs are at least about something more than sex and lost loves.

As a first proper release this will do and they should go on ti bigger and better from here.

- Music-News.com

"The Pope's in town!"

This saintly sextet have been likened to iconic 80s band Madness, and the West London group are hoping to spice up the ska rock scene with their lyrics rejecting popularist culture.

Popes of Chillitown, named after an episode of The Simpsons, released their debut EP "Buy One Get One Free" at the end of 2008 and are hoping to attract a cross-generational audience with their catchy two-tone reggae-infused ska songs.

Rishi Chopra, a 24-year-old acoustic guitarist and co-founder of the band, said they draw their inspiration from The Smiths and The Specials, but also continental music as all the members studied languages at university.

The former Drayton Manor pupil said: "Our music isn't straight up ska pop and we think those who don't usually listen to reggae or ska will like it. "

Since forming in 2007, Popes of Chillitown have collaborated with K.I.N.E.T.I.K. and supported the legendary Freetown at the Hackney Empire, as well as playing Ginglik in Shepherd's Bush, one of London's premier music venues that has showcased a plethora of established and emerging talent.

Rishi added "We are always playing music and just want to write songs that our friends and family will like. We are individuals with different interests and have turned our musical inspirations into a unique sound."

Paloma Kubiak - Ealing Gazette (local press)


The debut 4 track EP ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’, (7/10 Rock Sound) was released at the end of 2008 , which celebrates the band’s uptempo sound and reviews the branded, monitored world we live in. Songs such as ‘Buy One Get One Free' denounce the advertising world for persuading us their life is not complete without cheaper car insurance or that extra blade on the razor.

The EP as a whole remarks on how adverts constantly provide answers to questions that nobody asked in the first place, forcing many a Pope to turn their television off forever. Artwork is provided by Linda Joy of cult contemporary arthouse La Boca.

That said, the Popes aren’t afraid just to have a rocking good time. Described by the legendary Club Ska as having “bucketloads of groove, wrapped up in Indie Ska.” POPES OF CHILLITOWN are just as likely to make you move your feet as stroke your chin.



POPES OF CHILLITOWN are a six piece BritSka Indie band from London, forged many moons ago from the beginnings of late-night jam sessions between friends. The band burst onto the London gig scene in 2007. Since then, they have performed at many high-profile venues, including the legendary London Astoria, Dublin Castle, Water Rats Theatre, Ginglik and the Hackney Empire, supporting Ska superstar Dave Barker. Popes of Chillitown were also the featured band on DJ Tom Robinson BBC 6Music's 'Introducing' show, which showcases the nation's hottest new acts.

2009 sees the Popes take to the road with a host of regional shows around the UK, including the trendy 'Man on the Moon' in Cambridge and 'The Duchess' in York, as well as a string of London dates.

But a straight up British Ska band they are not. Their unique sound is a breath of fresh air from generic bands that make generic music. A typical Chillitown show boasts soaring vocals, orgasmic guitars, sexy sax solos, banging Ska beats and chunky basslines for good measure.

If 2008 was the year Popes Of Chillitown matured, 2009 will be the year the Vatican relocates to London…PERMANENTLY!

Find out more about Popes of Chillitown at www.myspace.com/popesofchillitown