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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Heavy Metal with a Twist"

Pop Evil -a local band started in Grand Rapids, Michigan- is taking the rocker music scene by storm with their own unique blend of heavy metal, pop, and hip-hop.

An exceptional combination of talent, Pop Evil gives an electrifying performance that has been called a 'visual masterpiece'. Their distinctive sound demands your attention and wow's the crowd every time.

The four rockers- Jamie Nummer (bassist), Dave Gracia (guitarist), Leigh Kakaty (vocalist), Dylan Allison (drummer)- have been pursuing their dream for over 5 years with ups and downs along the way. Though the band encountered some difficult times in the past, the future looks bright for the boys of Pop Evil.

The band recently shot their first music video, 'Somebody Like You'. They are also recording a full-length album at Rustbelt Studios in Detroit, working on collaborations, and beginning a tour. According to Nummer, "There are a lot of things in the works".

But, these rockers aren't waiting around for success to be handed to them. As Nummer puts it, "we're into going and finding what we want and making it happen".

Keep your eye on these boys- with their overwhelming talent, unique sound, and budding success, Pop Evil are soon to be in a league of their own.
- Ashley Smith - www.studybreaks.com

"Pop Evil Plans Concert, Video"

After more than five years in the world of music, rockers Pop Evil have learned when to hang on and when to let go. Bassist Jamie Nummer explained the group has gone through the usual travails and triumphs that befall any local band, only to come out stronger in the end. Nummer credits this to his band's determination to stay on track to success. "It's hard to not be short-sighted in this business," Nummer said. "You can forget about goals you set while you're in the middle of (harder times)."

Pop Evil -- Nummer, guitarist Dave Gracia, vocalist Leigh Kakaty and drummer Dylan Allison -- is in the midst of several projects, including recording, writing, booking tours and planning a music video.

"There are a lot of things in the works," Nummer said.

This winter, the band -- an off-center hard rock outfit incorporating heavy metal, pop and hip-hop elements -- will travel to Los Angeles to shoot footage for an upcoming music video, "Somebody Like You."

Though Nummer wouldn't divulge the plot for the video, he said it caters to the song's subject matter of loss, "whether a loved one, a girlfriend, whomever."

The band is recording at Rustbelt Studios in Detroit for a full-length album, though Nummer said the group is spending less time in the studio and devoting more time to projects such as videos.

"We've diverted efforts from just recording songs to discovering the song's full potential," Nummer said. "We're really getting to make the song as complete as possible ... a video is something that not every unsigned band can do."

"Pop Evil needs to do things to set ourselves apart. We're not waiting for a label to come along and sign us to get these things done ... we're into going and finding what we want and making it happen."

Other Pop Evil projects in the works include tentative recording collaborations with "several nationally recognized bands" and a brief tour that will take them to spring break hot spot Cancun, Mexico.

The band also hopes to up the ante with its signature good-and-evil motif, characterized by a curvaceous angel and devil cartoon girl found on the band's Web site (popevil.com), CDs and merchandise. - Localfan - www.westmichiganmusic.com


Ready or Not EP - 2006
War of the Roses LP - 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a name just as unique as their sound, Pop Evil is far from your average Rock Band. Formed in November of 2001, Pop Evil was assembled from
key components of various established Michigan bands. Leigh Kakaty (Vocals/Guitars), Dave Gracia (Guitars), Jamie Nummer (Bass/Vox), and Dylan Allison (Drums/Vox) came together to create a unique blend of heavy guitars and infectious grooves to help signature Pop Evil's melodic sound. With an uncanny
ability to arrange, produce, and write catchy hooks Pop Evil has quickly caught the attention of both fans and the music industry.

Pop Evil is currently in the studio with accomplished producer Al Sutton (Kid Rock) from Rustbelt Studios in Royal Oak, Michigan working on their new album. With the release of their first single off the album, "Somebody Like You," the band has quickly become a crowd favorite in the Mid West. The band recently shot their music video for the song in Los Angeles and plan on releasing it in the Summer of 2006. The video was shot by Jason Honeycutt with Urban Jungle Productions and features Rossi Morreale and Britt Koth. Dodge/Chrysler has even choosen to feature their music on their website in support of their new Dodge Caliber car
(http://www.dnadmg.com/Dodge-Caliber/). In addition, Guitar Center has picked up the band to perform their Grand Openings throughout the Mid

Already having shared the stage with such multi-platinum recording artists such as Boston, Puddle of Mudd, Trapt, Shinedown, and rap icon Fat Joe,
Pop Evil is preparing to be the breakthrough band of the future.