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This band has not uploaded any videos



"sinclair: officially awesome"

ok. to be honest - and really, lets BE honest - we don't technically have any press reviews as of yet. But who cares about what the liberal media and their corporate force-fed bias says anyway? We all know myspace runs the world (until facebook’s inevitable coup d’etat). And here’s what myspacers are saying:

“w00t! you guys rule!”
– andrea (she won’t tell us her last name, but trust us, she’s super cute, and therefore, credible)

“zomg awesome music”

“i really like animal stew :):) it made me soooo happy <3”

“Awesome tracks!”
- AfterpartY

“Farrell is sooo bamf I luv his tats. HAWT!!!!”
- KatieKAY

“I heart you guys. RAWR!!!”
- a§hLey© - delroy world industries


EEP!!! - The EP, to be released Jan 24th, 2008 (currently polishing to a robust shine)



Sinclair happens when a dude writes and records a bunch of songs over the long, hot summer of 2007 that don’t quite fit the style of his current band. Instead of force-feeding them into the set list, he proceeds to steal a texas dozen of his musician friends from bands of wildly different genres and coerces them into one supergroup. That band is Sinclair. That dude is me.

How many is a texas dozen? Well I made it up so I’ll decide. Right now it’s four: me (aka Delroy), the tall, dark and handsome guitarist and producer extraordinaire; Disco Dave, the taller, darker, and even more handsomer drummer beyond compare; Farrell who brings not only gnarly bass playing, but most importantly, punk street cred; and Elle L, the very definition of devastating beauty, who plays keyboards, guitar, and boy’s heart strings.

Our music has best been described as “a warm bubble bath after an angry nap.” But only by me. Your results may vary. Others have used words like “w00t!,” “rawr” and “zomg! Awesome!” If you want to get all CSI about it, its rock-ish slash pop-ish with heavy hip hop and punk influence.

Sinclair is currently busy re-working all of Delroy’s dastardly demos into real grown-up songs for their debut EP, scheduled for release in January 2008, and booking a bevy – yes, a bevy – of live shows.

So now it’s on. Ridiculously on.

All according to the prophecy.

For more info about Sinclair please contact their manager Alan Smithee at