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Bergen, Hordaland, Norway

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album of the Week, July 26 2007"

The song "Anchor Down" was well recieved by the BBC2 - tthey have playlisted the song and given it "Album of the Week" for end July 2007. A most prestigious accomplishment for a band mostly unknown outside Norway's borders - yet! - BBC2

"Wow ! They're from Norway"

Popium – The Miniature Mile

Location: Wow, they're from Norway!

Initial Impression: I put the CD in my computer's CDROM and I expected music to start playing. My computer was acting weird so the first taste of Popium was the "Anchor Down" video. First I found it curious to hear a man's voice singing about how he’s been waiting to get tied down. And then video itself takes you through a couple from kids' dating to young adults, mature adults and eventual death. A neat idea… and the song was cool, I was just having trouble getting past the whole "getting tied down" being that I'm anti-marriage. But the music's popaliciously enjoyable, so let's venture forth.
Notable Lyric: Since we're on it… "I'm heading for your port of call, and I've been waiting for this moment to arrive. Sooner or later I'll be anchored down and happy by your side. I've been so lonely. I've been adrift too long." From "Anchor Down"

Factoid: Hmmm, what does the press information say…Wow, they're from Norway! Their vocalist, Frank Hammersland, is "one of Norway's most prolific songwriters." Their only U.S. exposure was having their song playing in the background while Drew Barrymore was throwing up on Jimmy Fallon on their first date in Fever Pitch. Oh, and hey, it says that the title track is inspired by T-Rex…dah, dah, dahhh David Bowie!…and Sweet. All faves of Kimmie's. And onward we go!

Serve With: A frozen fruit pop while floating in the kiddie pool on a sunny day.

Comments: After catching the first video on the disk and digging the sound, I poured over the press kit. (See above.) and then tossed the disk in my CD player. I was most interested in hitting "Miniature Mile" because it was described as Bowie-influenced, and being that I've been on a Bowie kick of late, this sparked my interest. I wouldn't say that I heard a lot of Bowie, but it didn't detract from my overall impression. Here's the thing: from the first sample to skipping through the tunes, and then finally listening start to finish, it's obvious that this band is very well put together. They sound like they've been playing together forever and there isn't anything un-listenable. Honestly, I think I will pray the next five CDs I review will sound as good as this! They are clean and polished without being overly technical. I think they can be described as current pop with a European influence. Think about the best pop songs and pop bands you've heard on American radio for the past five or six years (even if those bands came from Europe), add a bit of Euorpean flair, and you'll have Popium. Definitely worth a listen and even a purchase!

URL: http://www.myspace.com/popium

Written by: Siren Kimmie
13 Jun 2007
- Score! Music Magazine

"Popium's "The Miniature Mile""

Bergen, Norway’s Popium is a supergroup of sorts - each member having played in other successful Norwegian bands over the years. This, their 3rd full-length release, is a pleasant platter of warm, strummy guitar pop - with all the care and rich texture most pop aficionados have come to expect (and appreciate) from Scandinavian artists! Popium shares a flair for sound, style, and polished production values similar to other Scandi compatriots such as The Merrymakers, Dorian Gray, and late great Swedish poppers the Wannadies. Frontman Frank Hammersland’s versatile vocal range glides effortlessly between clean, mellow-ish arrangements (“The Comeback Kid”, The Long Run”) to full bodied rockers like openers “Anchor Down” and “Afterglow” - two melodically rich tracks stacked with harmonies and layers of warm guitar textures. Contributions from all five band members show this band is not the least bit stagnant in any one corner of the pop genre. Shades of glam rock, Americana twang, and even 80s new wave abound, especially on the synth-laden “Sugarcoated,” a glorious pop ditty that starts with quiet unassuming processed beats, then breaks into a glorious anthem reminiscent of Split Enz or Squeeze in their heyday.

--Jeff Shelton - Amplifier Magazine


"Popium" (2001, MNW)
"Permanently High" (2002, MNW)
"Camp" (2004, Kong Tiki Records)
"The Miniature Mile" (2006, Kong Tiki Records)



Popium arose from the ashes of several distictive Norwegian bands in Bergen in 1999 - such as Norwegian Grammy winners Pogo Pops, Barbie Bones and Chocolate Overdose. Popium have released 4 albums to date in Scandinavia, all to tremendous reviews. Their 2004 release "Camp" (Kong Tiki Records) has been described as "a classic pop record full of summer atmosphere", "catchy melodies with delicate popsoul". One track from the record, "Sooner or Later" was selected to be on the 20th Century Fox film "Fever Pitch". Singer/songwriter Frank Hammersland has long been on of Norway's most accomplished songwriters, drawing influence at an early age from the likes of T-Rex, David Bowie and Elvis Costello. The 2006 release "The Miniture Mile" is now available online at www.listening-post.com.
"Think about the best Pop songs and pop bands you've heard on American radio for the past five or six years (even if those bands came from Europe), add a bit of European flair, and you'll have Popium."- Score! Music Magazine, June 2007. BBC2 Playlisted and "Album of the Week" on July 26, 2007.