Pop-Kiss Chainsaw

Pop-Kiss Chainsaw

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA


With over 15 years of on-stage experience, there's no wonder this all original band is taking their hometown of Louisville,Ky by storm. Opening for such national artists as Halestorm, Future Leaders of the World, OTEP, Straight Line Stitch, Suicidal Tendencies, Everclear (Art Alexacus) and Tantric. They have played at venues such as CBGB's in New York, The Whiskey in Los Angeles, Hard Rock Cafe in Louisville, and Phoenix Hill Tavern. And was crowned the "Ambassadors of Rock" for Louisville. Punching fans in the face with their Southern Slam power groove, leaves fans wanting more! If you haven't checked them out live....you don't know what you're missing!

Troy Ford
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Somewhere on the banks of the Ohio River. Found floating down the Ohio in turbulent times as an infant in a bass drum and was rescued by a tribe of percussive Native Americans.
Musical Training: It was while in the company of natives who raised him that he was taught to pursue the insturment of art...THE DRUM

Brian Goodman
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky and raised by a long line of deviants and criminals.
Musical Training: Back-wood, hog- stomping families

Nicolas Seth
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Between a rock and a hard place in parts unknown. Found as an infant in the hills of Kentucky and raised by "Hellbilly's" who shall remain anonymous.
Musical Training: The Hellbilly's who raised him.

Steve Harris
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Born in the valleys and raised around campfires, bourbon and live music.
Musical Training: He began playing at the age of six in the woods with some old moonshiners, which began a new genre of music people are referring to as "Southern Slam".

Set List

Fallen Again
Alone But Strong
Wicked Seed
The Dash
Steppin' Stone
Scarred For Life
Billie Jean