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My music is a mixture between hip-hop and pop. It grabs the attention of the audience from beginning to end. Its like hearing Jay-z on a Timbaland beat. My music puts you in a certain mood or has you feeling like you are listening to movie scenes.


Poppin’s individuality can be summed up in one phrase: Only the strong will survive. He has applied this philosophy of purpose and creativity to all aspects of his life, most notably his music. As a multi-talented, Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop artist and producer, Poppin’ has developed a distinctive musical style that seamlessly intertwines the energy of Hip-Hop with the style of Pop and the soul of R&B. His unique lyrical style combines the fun and flavor of old school Hip-Hop with the ingenuity and fervor of today’s hottest and greatest emcees.
As a producer, Poppin’ does not just produce beats...he is the Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, and Jerry Bruckheimer of music. His diverse musical style enables him to set moods and elicit a multitude of emotions from his audience. His mature delivery, energetic flow, strong lyrical content, and original beats join forces to achieve classic music.
Poppin’ was raised primarily in New York, and currently lives in Metro-Atlanta, GA. He took a break from school this year to begin his highly anticipated debut album. The album, titled ACCEPTABLE RISK, is the consummate evolution of Poppin’ as a person and an artist. Along with Poppin’s familiar up-tempo, hard-hitting, Hip-Hop/Pop records, ACCEPTABLE RISK also features a more mellow side of Poppin’ in songs like “Lil’ Miss Thing” and “No Speaking,” which exhibit Poppin’s superb smoothness.
So who is this album for? Well according to POPPIN’, “If you have dreams, been through the struggle, want to enjoy life to the fullest and love great music, then this album especially for you.”

Poppin’s signature sound is characterized more as a club like fusion of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B elements -- think Biggie and Jay-Z over Timbaland and The Neptunes laced with modern Pop. He has been applauded for his dynamic stage presence, and energetic delivery.

The album, titled "ACCEPTABLE RISK", is the consummate evolution of Poppin’s life. Documenting his trials and tribulations pertaining to his life and pursuing his dreams in this "chaotic" world. Along with his familiar up-tempo, hard-hitting, Hip-Hop/Pop records, ACCEPTABLE RISK also features a more mellow side of Poppin' in songs like “Lil’ Miss Thing”, which displays his smoothness when it comes to a girl playing hard to get-- and “No Speaking” which also exhibits Poppin’s skills on late night activities. You can’t even look over his club banger and #1 single "Out Of This World!!!” a hip-hop/pop laced track packed with nothing but energy.

Overall, ACCEPTABLE RISK illustrates the struggle and triumph of the everyday person when faced with the challenge to reject the mold of the conventional "same old, same old" societal standards and embrace one’s own unique destiny (hence the album’s title with an emphasis on the word Risk). This album is a must have and Poppin’ is the future. Are you ready for change?


She Likes It, Outta This World, and Got To Get It

Set List

Intro song followed by She likes it and other cuts off the album including freestyles.