A very sexy band with catchy songs ranging from rock to pop, ballads to more eclectic material. Incorporating humour, great performance and a lot of fun.


We each have interesting and varied background stories. Based in London we've been described as a reverse-negative version of The Monkeys in that we really do sing, play and write, and we're 3 Brits and one Yank. Our music covers a wide and eclectic range from retro rock and pop, jazz, fusion and even baroch classical, to funk, soul, hip hop, techno, ambient chill out grooves and way more besides. We still retain an identity with a current theme across all our music that it has to be good and we have to enjoy and like it.


Our d├ębut album Retro Boosters is currently for sale in all good online record shops, with 20 tracks. We have loads of tracks streaming and on various radio stations . The album can be heard on Rhapsody too.

Set List

For a long time we changed our band name for each gig we did. The was fun, until journalists would think we really were called "The Velvet Bagels" or "Flaming Sword" or "Screaming Harry Punjab and the Yodelling Gibbons" or whatever. We got some great reviews, but unfortunately under our one-off names. So, we've stopped doing that, but we do still vary our sets hugely. We play anything from a 3 song spot to a 3 hour show. Typically we'll throw in songs we've never played live before and as we're constantly writing and recording new material it's great for us to see the reaction to our latest creations.

We do covers, but usually only songs we really love, or one's we can do in interesting new ways, some are really obscure and others can be more popular. You can often expect an Elvis or Hendrix song to show-up, equally we've played Billy Holiday or Charlie Parker numbers. That sits well with us because our own songs cover so many styles.