Pop Slavery

Pop Slavery


Power Pop meets kitschy cool in this crowd pleasing quartet. Plus a girl drummer – what more could you ask for?!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Pop Slavery. Let's face it; we're all slaves to pop culture, each with our own unique influences. We became friends and band mates when we realized that we agreed on most of the major reference points, and when we play music together, it's like…magic! Taking our band name from the cult classic Absolute Beginners, Pop Slavery was born. Pop Slavery has played together on and off throughout the years, and we are having a blast playing together again. We recently played shows at the Mars Bar and Hell's Kitchen with more shows on the way.

In the past we have had a great time playing in classic Seattle clubs such as the Off Ramp, The Crocodile Café, and the OK Hotel. We even opened for Harvey Danger before anyone knew anything about a “Flagpole Sitta”. Probably our most infamous moment was opening for New Wave heroes Berlin back in the late 90’s. A sad reality check for Pop Slavery-Terri Nunn was not the most welcoming to her opening bands! Ah well, that’s life in the fast paced, laugh in the face of death world of pop music.

Set List

We'll rock your world with 8-10 songs, a little piece of pop goodness lasting about 30-40 minutes - whatever your heart desires.