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This band has not uploaded any videos


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1. Project 808 (2006)
2. Project 999 (2008)
3. Changing the Platypus (TBA)
4. Y'all Aren't Ready (VERY TBA)



I first got introduced to hip-hop when I listen to Nappy Roots, Murphy Lee, and Big Tymers back when I was in 6th grade. I got introduced by a friend on my block who was into that stuff, and it's not that I could relate to it--it was actually the polar opposite. Since everyone I was listening to was talking about pimping, their rides, their checks--I wanted to do a shoutback at those rappers about MY life. And that's just what I did later on.

In 7th grade, I began to make beats using KRISTAL software, and I would basically download loops from the internet and then lay one on top of each other and made beats out of that (I would add a drum or a kick here and there.) Then later on, I got a Macbook and I began to use Garageband, and I would make beats with that.
Eminem is my influence, almost entirely. I could really relate to his anger on his records, not in the same way at all, but just...the anger! I would feel angry about girls, about my parents yelling at me, having a toothache, having to eat my broccoli--all of that stuff. It just made me angry! When I broke up with my 8th grade girlfriend of 6 months, I would play "Kim" over and over again, nonstop.
In the middle of 8th grade, in 2006, I began to really rap. I rapped for an independent study project where you had to try on a "new" skill. Some kids made cookies, some kids made dollhouses--I made a rap CD (Project 808), then sold it at presentation night.

Taking a short hiatus from rapping while making a variety of techno and electronic music under the name 3Lm0, I'm back again in 11th grade, and I'm trying to put all of my influence and ridiculousness into my rapping--and use my creativity to create an astounding planet of PopzKrakaz music.