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"Porcelain Doll Scene C.D. Review"

Porcelain Doll Scene – Life In New Scotland (CD Review by Sara Gill -A Cape Breton born Engish Honours Graduate of STFX. Currently attending at the University of Calgary for Women'Studies.)

From the Nova Scotia highlands comes the powerful rock of Porcelain Doll Scene.

Currently hailing from Antigonish, Porcelain Doll Scene swirls together a perfect mix of hard rock, catchy riffs and stellar vocals. Their latest CD, “Life In New Scotland” is a perfect showcase for Gayle Lahey’s thought-provoking lyrics, as well as the guitar mastery of Todd Marsh, both of whom are the songwriting force behind the band.

“Life In New Scotland” kicks off with “Juliana’s Painting”. Catchy but with a dark tone, this could easily be a single on any rock radio station. A simple, march-like snare keeps the beat as Lahey sings about a painting come to life, giants and vampires. With lines like “dreams about sleeping/waking with giants” and “the cats were crying/it’s a plague on the world”, you definitely get the impression that there’s a story behind the words. Also an intensely visual song, you can almost see the painting wake up and step out of her frame as the song progresses.
“Highway Drivin’” is slower, and a little mellower than “Juliana’s Painting” but still has a rich and distorted guitar sound. It provides a great contrast and shows off the skills and diversity this band has. They can rock hard when they want to, but keep it quiet and sharp when they want as well. Lyrically and musically, this is a beautiful song.
The title track of the CD begins with a beautiful acoustic riff and a somewhat foreboding intro “Once upon a time in autumn even though they weren’t supposed to…”. The lyrics then change from ‘they’ to ‘I’, as they tell a story of forbidden love and strange occurrences. With lyrics like “the statue weeping for her baby”, and the “nellyram” chant, it could be thought of as a little cryptic, but only if you’re unfamiliar with certain Nova Scotia ghost stories. This is truly a standout track and it highlights the range this band truly has; from the light acoustic intro to the intense heavy finish.
“The Ticket” is a straight-up rock song. Riff-heavy and with a little bit of angst, “The Ticket” has the makings of a single as well. “Something evil this way comes/so just kick it/Working on the 9-5/it makes you wicked” is part of the chorus, which ends the song with a passionate fury as Lahey unleashes her voice and shows off some of the raw power she possesses.
The CD ends off with the track “Orphan”, which seems slightly reminiscent of the good ‘ol days of mid-90’s rock/alternative (i.e. when music was good and not mass marketed and mass produced with a shiny, glossy feel). One line that stands out is “You sleep with ancient cultures/they pick your brain like vultures”. It’s a very guitar-heavy song, with Marsh using some creative sounds to double-up the strength of his already tough sounds.

“Life In New Scotland” is a magnificent debut CD from an exceptionally talented band. It’s obvious to the listeners that Lahey and Marsh are deeply passionate about their craft and put much effort into what they do. This is not the “rock” seen on music television today. This is real, gritty and intense rock. Porcelain Doll Scene have been influenced by some of the best music – jazz greats, 60s and 70s classic rock and 90’s alternative and have come up with a unique sound and mesmerizing lyrics. Keep your eye (and ears) out for more music from them. You’ll definitely regret it if you don’t.

- Sara Gill

"Porcelain Doll Scene Starting to Hit High Notes"

(Band interview by : Heather MacAdam)
Lahey said the band's music is influenced by a variety of other artists. "For me as a songwriter (my main influence is) Tori Amos. We've been compared a lot to Evanescence, and early No Doubt. Todd is very influenced as a guitar player by Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, so it kind of incorporates all of that." The music also has a really alternative feel to it, Lahey says, and a lot of people see the 90s grunge influence in some of the songs. The lyrics of Porcelain Doll Scene are a really important part of the music. Lahey says, "It's pretty poetical. (My writing is influenced by the media, pop culture, women's studies and people's struggles." - The Casket (August 17, 2005.)

"Sound Explosion Battle of the Bands Preview"

(By:Kareem Leheta)
Gayle Lahey will heat up the stage with Porcelain Doll Scene! - The Xaverian Weekly (March 9, 2006.)

"Battle of the Bands"

(By: Adam Hinton)
After four rounds in the sack with the X-Indies, a hard rock injection in the form of Porcelain Doll Scene shot through the crowd like a cure for the blues. They were a crisp, fearless, and mildly satanic end to one of the most supercharged Battle of the Bands in recent memory. - The Xaverian Weekly (March 30,2006.)


"Life In New Scotland"-Full Length (Indie) CD. Released : 2005.
Currently recording second full-length album to be released in 2007.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The dark, edgy, melodic rock sound of Porcelain Doll Scene embraces the rich, yet often overlooked, history of hauntings and folklore in Nova Scotia. Armed with insightful lyrics, and a fiery stage presence, lead vocalist (Gayle Lahey) breaks down common perceptions of the fragile porcelain doll and invokes the atmospheric intensity of female rock icons such as Steve Nicks, Chrissie Hynde and Grace Slick. Lahey's songwriting style and vocal prowess are enhanced by the guitar wizardry of Todd Marsh. Marsh's dynamic musical arrangements, catchy riffs and mind-bending guitar solos have garnered him the adoration of many fans, hailing him as the East Coast version of Jimi Hendrix. The band is completed by the tight, infectious grooves of Mike Boone on bass and Bryan “The Chopper” Murphy on drums.
All students of STFX University in Antigonish, the band is currently writing, recording, and performing. Porcelain Doll Scene most recently played two shows for enthusiastic crowds at the ECMA 72 Hour Jam! Porcelain Doll Scene will appear next at the STFX Live Aid Benefit Concert and will return to Halifax for a show at Gus's Pub in April.