Porcelain Youth

Porcelain Youth


Heavy driving rhythms with common and odd time signatures. Dynamically all over the map with clever melodies and harmonies. Edgy lyrics with metaphoric meanings.


Grade school friends Jesse Daigle and Adam Cannon starting jamming at a young age. Music was the only real thing in their lives. Though young, they played with energy and desire and excelled quickly. Influenced by artists like System of a Down and Black Sabbath, the two had distinctly chosen a heavier road to go down. Soon after, already playing for years, they we're in high school. Writing and jamming was what Daigle and Cannon had been doing up until this time, but suddenly that changed when they met bass player Dan Seniuk. At the age of 14 the three had formed Porcelain Youth.
Soon the band had recorded its first E.P with local legend Carl Jennings. The cd, entitled "Porcelain Youth" was released in December 2004 and gave the band a lot more local clout.
As the crowds grew and grew in size, and the shows became wilder, Porcelain Youth would start to garner industry attention.
In 2005 PY would eventually sign a development deal with V2 records. They headed back into the studio to record again with Carl Jennings. The record that came out of that Burlington Ontario cellar was called "The Therapy Sessions", another E.P released on V2 in May 2006
This cd would thrust Porcelain Youth on to a more national stage and would gain them more credibility.
At only the age of 16, they were already fortunate enough to share the stage with the likes of KMFDM, The Birthday Massacre, and P.O.D. They would go on later to play their biggest show with 30 Seconds to Mars at the Kool Haus in Toronto.
They soon hit the road and toured across western Canada with legendary pipe/rock band The Mudmen, learning a thing or two about the road in the process.
Later in 2006 the band would be honoured with three Hamilton Music Awards, the "Therapy Sessions" did indeed help them a lot.
As early 2007 came the band had unfortunately learned that V2 records was being bought out by a Gospel label, so the band were free agents again.
As this whole thing going on, Dan, Jesse and Adam were all still in the process of completing high school. They did this in June 2007.
Now looking for a new opportunity, the band pressed onward in search of their true sound and a solid place to record some demos.
They found Tyneside Studios near Caledonia, Ontario, where other local musician and good friend Pete Moss was recording.
After months in the studio working on new ideas, Porcelain Youth came to a realization. This was, that if they wanted to go for it completly in this new direction that they would need to become a 4 piece band. With no one other than the one and only Pete Moss in mind, the band asked him to join.
Now after months of writing and rehersing the band (now all 19+) is ready to unleash a new sound on to the masses, as a 4 piece.
The band has been said to be a lifestyle band, which represents real people, that live hard working lives. After all, that is this band's roots.


"Porcelain Youth" (e.p), "The Therapy Sessions"(e.p), "Making Contact"(compilation).

Singles: "Set Me Straight", "Justify", "37 Ways To Fail", "This Means War", "Nothing To Lose"

Set List

Set list varies. A recent one was : This Means War, My Throne, Blacktop, Alone, Bury Me At Wounded Knee, Tender Infant Meat, Can't Believe.

covers include: Californication, Immigrant Song, Snowblind, War Pigs, Creep, Lithium, Man In The Box, Change (In the House of Flies), The Metro, Zombie.