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This band has not uploaded any videos



"From the Mission Freak Blog"

"Porno Galactica vs. ZAP!Rowsdower: The Picador:

This duo from Fairfield, Iowa changed a lot of minds about the quality of anything that can come out of that hotbed of Transcendental Meditation. While it wasn’t much of a duel as the vs. implies, more of a collaboration, there was plenty of friction…on the dance floor.

I don’t admit my lack of knowledge very often, but these boys from Fairfield laid it on me hard. I got schooled. I’m the first to note my deficiency in electronic music, I can’t name drop shit (I mean, Girl Talk and Daft Punk don’t get you very far), so I don’t know who or what influenced these guys, but it has to be awesome. You’d better hope those boys in Flyentology bring PG vs ZR back, and soon." -

"Another Mission Freak"

I saw Daft Punk this summer and lost some brain cells. Openers Sebastian and Kavinsksy were pretty sick as well. At the time I also thought the other opener, The Rapture, made sense. Well, they did, but after catching a couple of Porno Galactica shows it’s clear to me they should have been on that tour as well. In due time, in due time. Until then, we can all see Porno Galactica in their underground glory as they pass through the Picador for a show tonight supporting Ex-Action Model. Porno Galactica is the alias for Philip Rabalais a guy from Fairfield, Iowa who fancys cutting up beats and making funky-electro dance music. Less frantic than Girl Talk and more lo-fi than Kavinsky, Rabalais has only played a few shows (often joined by his brother, Dom, who goes by the name Zap!Rowsdower) but each one gets better. If you’re into dance music and spectacle, head down to the Picador tonight. But don’t take our word for it… - Andre Perry

"Do We Have a Prodigy in our Midst"

Do we have a prodigy in our midst? Just months after opening for the said immortal, Dan Deacon, the laptop toting masterminds behind Porno Galactica are back at it again blasting their electronic remixes at The Vaudeville Mews this weekend.
Representing Fairfield, Iowa, brothers Phillip and Dominic Rabalais have crafted a debut album worthy of praise amongst the hordes of electronic music creators clinging to the rising trend. Unlike a lot of these “fake bands” trying to make it big in the same fashion as ex-bioengineer Gregg Gillis, better known as Girl Talk, Porno Galactica actually seem to have constructed remixed tracks that stand out amongst the rest. Hey Daddy, for instance, is a club-goer’s wet dream in terms of dance-ability and the energy it delivers. Several tracks—It’s On Tonight, Never Shine, and Super Whore—take after the remixing style of Girl Talk, one of Porno Galactica’s noted influences. At times, it’s almost too easy to taste their variously obvious influences leaving a flavor trail throughout the album, but they manage to work this in their favor. Take Concrete Dinosaurs for a spin and it’s difficult to not be reminded of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic. This similarity, of course, is meant more to be embraced than rejected (who wouldn’t want to be compared to French robots?). Despite their newness to the electronica scene, this pornographic duo seems to know what they’re doing and, chances are, you’ll hear more from them.

Written by Chelsea Marie Hicks
- Des Moines


Porno and Zap's "We Should Party Soon" (self released demo)

"Concrete Dinosaur" is featured on Sassbologna Record's "ElectroniComp"

Porno and Zap have been featured on KRUU FM in Fairfield Iowa a number of times



We make music for party's and good times and super love blast explosions of people.

We bring a tremendous amount of energy and and almost complete lack of shame onto a stage. Making fools of ourselves is our forte.

I think our finest moment as a band so far was playing at the 'Mission Creek Midwest' festival in Iowa City. We had the honor of playing on the closing night, opening for the mighty Dan Deacon (an amazing dream come true, as Deacon is at the top on our list of heros).

Our musical tastes are extremely eclectic, making our productions diverse in influence. All of our music has a sort of electro backbone, as it is composed on computers with danceability in mind. But on top of that we try to keep each track fresh, channeling inspirations as they come, whether it's electro or pop or rock and roll; Michael Jackson or Metallica; Daft Punk or Dolly Parton.

On stage we sport a laptop and mic running through a DJ mixer. We noodle with effects and mix our songs when we play, but most of our show is us dancing, yelling, playing air guitar, sweating, and trying to get the crowd as involved as possible. We try to pack shows full of antics, like making people put our clothes on, coordinated dances, throwing starbursts and glitter into the crowd, and so on. Our best shows are when the crowd and us become one sweaty, jumping, intimate mess and everybody's feeling the love.
We're particularly inspired by the live shows of Girl Talk and the previously mentioned Dan Deacon.

As far as we go:
We are brothers and we're from Iowa which is rad.
Philip Rabalais a collage graduate and a full time electrician. He's 22.
Dominic Rabalais just graduated high school. He'll end up going to collage soon. He's 18.