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Brand new first release from this distinctly un-savoury outfit from Quebec, Canada. This merciless din might bring to mind Suckdog or a more unhinged (or less hinged) Kleenex (who provide a cover version). Get with the times and pruchase this tape!

£4 each + shipping

£1.50 uk; £2 EU; £3 RoW

Paypal to - Savoury Days Records


"Get an up close and personal with the McGill student band Porn Persons in this first episode of McGill Music!" - TV McGILL


Freakiest Local Act
1. Duchess Says
2. AIDS Wolf
3. The Unsettlers
4. Bad Uncle
6. Death Boat
7. The Nailheads
8. Grimes
9. Corpusse
10. Cirque du Soleil
Honourable mentions: MSTR SSTR • Arcade Fire • Chix N Dix • Pickle of Love • Bella Obscura • Bloodshot Bill • Hypnophonics • Brains • Trigger Effect • Blood Ballet Cabaret • Broken Culture • Eagle Vomit • Interracial Love Triangle • Mad Parish • MurderFace • Porn Persons • Tony Ezzy

Many familiar freaky faces here, as Duchess Says win the weirdness widget once again and AIDS Wolf again sink their fangs into second place. Cirque du Soleil is new to this list, but certainly fits the bill. The best part of this category, from an editorial point of view, is assembling the list of names above. Hello, Eagle Vomit! Starred, striped stuporificness! Really worth watching, however, is the first of our honourable mentions, MSTR SSTR (no relation to ’80s schmalz-rockers Mr. Mister). His Facebook page defines this Montreal electro-groove-pop oddity as “a metaphor, a hero and a star. Born from trauma and pain, this alter ego is an extravaganza of taboos, a beast that lives by his own rules, in his own time and certainly by his own terms.” Ten bucks says MSTR SSTR ranks much higher in the freaky sweepstakes next year. - Montreal Mirror


In keeping with Montreal’s end-of-January tradition, the shows are really starting to pile back up, so without any further ado, let’s get right down to it.
Starting tonight, Thursday, Jan. 19, you can make your way to Blue Sunshine to catch a screening of the not-so-aptly-titled film Punk Rock at 8 p.m. sharp. Directed in 1977 by smut peddler Carter Stevens, the film was originally made as your typical skin flick aimed directly at the trenchcoat set on 42nd Street. Once New York was submerged in the initial wave of punk, the producers, reeking of crass opportunism, demanded the “bumpin’ ugly” scenes be cut out in favour of a spotty detective story and a punk rock soundtrack featuring the Stilettos (well after the founders of Blondie had quit the band) and three unknown “punk” bands: the Squirrels, Spicy Bits and the Fast. If you’re looking for an accurate depiction of punk rock near its inception, you won’t find it here, but if you’re into great exploitation films with a smidgen of softcore…
On Friday night, you can catch the extreme riff onslaught of thrash metal band Firearchy (featur ing members of Trigger Effect, Barn Burner, Bionic and Trung Hoa) with ex-members of the Illumi nati’s new incarnation Djanguar and Brain Size 61 at Piranha Bar. Down at the new, Mile End-adjacent swill joint Jackie & Judy, you can catch a rare performance from Montreal favourite Leder hosen Lucil, with all proceeds going to support the post-production of the film Conversations With the Cosmos.
For something a bit more raucous, the noiseniks might want to make it down to Casa to get their ears seared by Âmes Sanglantes, Institutional Prostitution, Slug Bait and Triple Double V International. After almost a decade-long hiatus, KrazyFest will whip things back into action with a night of short and animated independent films and music. Expect the unexpected with live performances from the unusual ly quiet Dead Wife, the Doubt and Dissent Revival Band, Cobra & Vulture and a rare reunion of Holy Moly in what remains one of the best rooms in the city, Petit Campus.
On Saturday night, you can catch the post-punk-meets-Wipers sound of the currently non-plural Complication, with the Reagan-era hardcore of Scarlet Beast and Rat Patrol at the Valhalla of Montreal punk rock venues, Barfly. For those looking to put a bit more sway in the hips, you can make it down to Cabaret Playhouse for the solid triple bill of Evil Boys from Hell, Rockhard! and Hardwired. Just up the street, at Jackie and Judy’s, you can catch the punk rock of Holy Cobras, Porn Persons, Mannequin and Eternal Life, with DJ Ouija manning the decks. At Casa, things dive a bit more into the squelch with Hyena Hive and Souffle.
But the big ticket of the week is the Montreal debut of theatrical, “blackened,” hard rockin’ Swedes Ghost, who will pack ’em in at Théâtre Corona with the kvlt, blackened psych of Blood Ceremony and Texans Ancient VVisdom. If you dig Mercyful Fate as much as Blue Oyster Cult, you are not going to want to miss this. ¦ - Montreal Mirror


After people chugged a bunch of $1.50 beers and were summoned back into the venue, the battle resumed with an eccentric, punk-noise-rock freak show by the Porn Persons. Judges seemed to be torn between confusion and endearment, yet the audience had made their mind up as to who would take the cake. Apparently, a band need only dress up in oddly-matched thrift store clothing and shiny costumes to win a musical talent competition. While Porn Persons had the performance aspect of their set down pat, the band could really benefit from diverting some of that energy spent on their costumes to improving the quality of their music. - The Concordian


Weird-noise-punk from Quebec with a "concept" record about walls. Man, talk about a city with a non-existant punk scene. I wonder what they have going on up there? Since it's practically France, I'd imagine a lot of arty-farty noise. Like Porn Persons. Cutesy art school mumbo-jumbo, with a girl chicken-squawking shrill vox through a megaphone and a "loose" guitar/drums band behind her. Inept playing/rambling, a Kleenex cover, some Slits-y bash-n-yell. Occasionally veers into moments of actual songs, where they accidentally whip up a post-punk-a-billy beat or some dum-dum punk cling-clangor. Occasionally unlistenable. Makes sense as a part of the Savoury Days brand of new school DIY, I guess. These vox are a fucking dealbreaker for me though. - TERMINAL BOREDOM


Still on the noisy kick today, I offer twelve garage punk shockers slathered in effects and distortion, all but completely masking the infectious hooks and dance inducing songs contained on this short tape. These songs have a raw determination that owes as much to Jay Reatard on crack as it does to '90s riot grrl stylings. PORN PERSONS are from Quebec, and they won me over in no time flat...also, these songs are all about walls, both physical and metaphorical. - TERMINAL ESCAPE


PORN PERSONS' WALLS OF THE WORLD CASSETTE (savoury days records 2011)



Porn persons was birthed from the feeling in your chest when you realize that you are a slave, and you want the world to know that you are a proud degenerate. It was also born from the desires of frozen zombies across the world paying 10 dollars to stand stagnent in a room, when all they want to do is thrash around wildly like human-sized birds that are on fire and screaming.
It was a quiet day, and everyone was out. It was a solo porn. The first song was inspired by a psychadelic proto-punk band from Zambia; rockers: Ngozi Family (
Porn persons put some audio pornformances up on the pornternet, and and before she porned it, a wonderful little label by the name of 'Savoury Days Records' contacted her. She agreed to do some more porncordings, and 2 weeks later sent in the finished pornic. It was a wonderful opportunity and she was very grateful for it. Months later, four porn babies were recruited to resurrect the now crackling embers of a once wild fire. Each porn was a piece of a puzzle that was ready and waiting to come together.
Porn Persons loves anything that moves. It's a force that devours, and strives to crush inhibition. There is no desire to be validated or praised; we will always be in it for the feeling. Nothing compares to the explosion that the electricity and juices (that rumble through your veins and pour out into your hot loins) make you feel when you are releasing your brain through your voice to a room of porns.
Porn persons becomes more of a solid unit with each passing show. We don't believe that our identity is of importance... but we do believe in changing it with our fleeting emotions. We sculpt our image to impact an audience forcefully, and we believe in solid conceptual performances.
Porn Persons' goal is to shock and surprise the audience out of zombie state, BUT PLAY ROCKIN' TUNES ALL THE WHILE!