Por Que No?

Por Que No?



Por Que No? was created in 2000 by 4 Colombian born members who met in NYC. Their Debut album was "Con Los Pies En la Tierra" That same year. Now in 2008 they started to work with a Grammy winner Producer from Argentina who produced bands like "Soda Estereo" y "Fito Paez" very famous artist in Latino-America. This producer was "Tweety Gonzales" and with Por Que No? he helped the band who produce "Es Lo Que Hay" a new album that is expecting to be release this year. From this production the first single has been already released in Itunes and its called " Lejos De Vos" a latin reggae type of song that will make everybody dance.

Por Que No? Main genera however is not Reggae..it is latin Pop Rock..a mix with different sounds with unique style and so much talent that with absotve your taste!


"Con Los Pies En La Tierra" 2003 (UBO/Latinflava/soundflower)
"Lejos De Vos EP" 2010 (Por Que No? Music Group)