Reykjavík, Capital Region, ISL

PORQUESI is a half-Icelandic half-British instrumental rock band formed in the summer of 2009. Consisting of the good brothers Skuli and Egill along with the bad boys from Birmingham Russ and Jonathan. They sound nothing like the glaciers!


During the relentlessly long, dark winter nights of 2009 Skúli & Russell slowly began piecing together broken melodies and cascading progressions, very much like the struggling nature, which surrounded them, also trying to puzzle itself together in order to ignite into life.

Little by little, leaves started to appear on the branches and as the summer quietly neared the broken pieces transformed into songs. Yet there seemed to be something missing, a certain rhythm was lacking in order to create some kind of order out of the chaos.

However, along with the rising sun a young English gentleman that goes by the name of Jonathan Baker appeared out of thin air (what seemed to be), arriving miraculously before their very eyes. His presence supplied the ever so needed rhythmic element to the newly composed pieces of Skúli & Russell.

While the wolves of darkness waited in their caves for a full moon the newly formed trio went out at the stroke of midnight in hope of finding the last missing peace to the puzzle and with an enchanted cry Skúli’s brother Egill was summoned and amidst the midnight sun PORQUESI was born.


PORQUESI realeased their debut album, This Is Forever, in December 2010.

They are currently working on an EP that will be realeased in September 2011.

Set List

obvious harmony
this is forever
con amor
curfew & crowded streets
ya es la hora de partir