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Montería, Córdoba, Colombia | SELF

Montería, Córdoba, Colombia | SELF
Band Latin Rock


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Porrocandela @ Central Park

Puerto Escondido, None, Colombia

Puerto Escondido, None, Colombia

Porrocandela @ Soccer arena

Montelibano, None, Colombia

Montelibano, None, Colombia

Porrocandela @ Central Park

San Andres de Sotavento, None, Colombia

San Andres de Sotavento, None, Colombia

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Jacques Kerguelen has consolidated himself as one of the artists from Cordoba that has collected more success overseas. During his visit to Australia he made up several Colombian music bands, in which the Porro (traditional style music from the Caribbean coast) was their essence. Jacques is from Monteria and he is just about to record an album with renown songs from the Colombian folklore. - El Meridiano Newspaper

Was such the emotion of the band Porrocandela on stage that they went over their set time. “Sonia”, “La Espeluca”, “El Toro Negro” and “Colombia Tierra Querida” were some of their songs. Daniel Diaz his maracas player of seven years old also caught the attention of the audience. - El Heraldo Newspaper

With the evolution of the music in the world, the internationalization of our culture could acquire a younger touch, more international to preserve the music through the times, says Jacques Kerguelen, a musician from Cordoba (province of Colombia) that exports our music.

Kerguelen adds, the band Porrocandela, always have wanted that its music preserves the essence of the traditional folklore of Cordoba, but he understands that to reach the youth and other countries with our folklore, this should evolve in the sense of adding chords and musical arrangements to give it the international language that it needs to expand.

The work of our traditional artists and of those with education and trips overseas has given the roots younger clothing. Is important to disseminate this music to support our talents, Jacques Kerguelen peddles Porrocandela’s CD, he makes is publicity, he takes it to the radio stations and nowadays visits the towns of the Atlantico province (province of Colombia) for the Carnival season bringing our music to new ears.
- El Universal Newspaper


2006 release: Single: "Pelo Teñio" and "Quiero decirte al oido".

The song Pelo Teñio had a considerable airplay and reached the number 1 in several regional radio stations in the Colombian Caribbean.

2006 release: Album: "Jacques y Porrocandela".



Porrocandela plays Porro (party music from the Colombian Caribbean) with a touch of Rock and Funk.

The project began when its front-man, Jacques Kerguelen, went to Australia to study music and promoted the lively Colombian rhythms over there playing with Australians. He returned to Colombia in 2005 and formed Porrocandela.

The Porrocandela’s performances recreate the atmosphere of the Colombian Caribbean and encourage the audience to come and enjoy a magical trip to an exciting place of music, dance and tradition.

The band is a melting pot made up with artists from different backgrounds; inside the band coexist the rockers’ energy and rebelliousness with the knowledge, laughter and innocence of traditional musicians.

In 2006, the band immersed in the studio Audiopolis in the city of Barranquilla to complete its first album, engineered and mastered by Luis Polo, the same one that has worked with Checo Acosta, Juan Carlos Coronel and Joe Arroyo amongst others.

Porrocandela has performed in important festivals and events in Colombia such as, Barranquilla’s Carnival, the National Festival of Porro, Cartagena’s Independence Festivities and Luna Awards; in those Porrocandela have shared the stage with famous Colombian artists: Checo Acosta, El Binomio de Oro, Poncho Zuleta, Alfredo Gutierrez, Peter Manjarrez and Pipe Pelaez.

In the Luna Awards of 2006 (event which honor the talent of the Colombian Caribbean), Porrocandela’s front-man, Jacques Kerguelen, was recognized for his promotional work of the Colombian music in Australia.

Songs from Porrocandela’s album have achieved an extensive airplay in the Caribbean Colombian Coast, as The Universal Newspaper stated: “The song “Pelo Teñío” from Porrocandela was much listened in the regional festivals, to the degree that achieved the number one of several important radio stations”.