Porsche Smith

Porsche Smith


If you're a lover of all music, you'll appreciate this one-woman band as she travels from opposite ends of the genre-spectrum.


We know. You're thinking, black music isn't supposed to sound like this. Soul music isnt supposed to feel like this. But you're wrong. With the emergence of the indie artist also comes the time to throw out the stale comparisons that have rotted our ears and speakers. It's time to embrace the new and refreshing. It's time to embrace Porsche Smith.

An Essence Magazine "Take Back the Music Campaign" feature, and winner of both the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for Best R&B Song, and the John Legend "Be Legendary" contest, the Dallas-based singer, songwriter,
musician and producer is carving a niche of her own, outside of a formulaic, Xerox-laden music industry. Having shared stages with Legend and India.Arie, collaborated with soulstresses Iman Williams and Carmen Rogers, guitarist Justin Lyons of Big Bang Band, and sang back-up for indie soul icons Yazarah, Choklate, & Slakah the Beatchild, Porsche Smith is establishing herself as one of the versatile, must hear, indie artists in music today. Sporting a style that is engaging and heartfelt, Smith has recorded several projects, including her critically acclaimed debut, About Life, a genre- bending follow-up EP, Loveland and a hiphop/soul mixtape entitled The BreakUp. She has also recorded a self-titled EP with her multi-talented all female band, Beauty and the Beats.

The Oral Roberts grad has taken a love of hiphop, jazz, soul, and alternative, fused them with a rock edge and poured this potion into what she is currently preparing to release as her sophmore album, Superhuman, a project she singlehandedly penned, played, and produced. "I wrote [the title track] back in 2007 after somewhat of a bad breakup. At the time I wished I could walk away from it unaffected, unphased. I had this picture in my head, of having teflon skin, where nothing could get to me. From that, the idea began to expand to other ideas about being Superhuman... being able to transcend genres, this being a multiple genre album and such. Simply put, it's the under and overestima- tion of ourselves, where we are perfect, supernatural, yet frail and imperfect, and ultimately in need of God."

At her most complex Porsche Smith presents a symphony of eclecticism that is neither overpowering nor pretentious. At her simplest, she's just an artist who's paintbrush and canvas are her Fender and Roland. "I would describe my sound now as transcending," Smith says. "It doesn't fit into a lyrical box or musical category. If you want to walk away with spiritual connotations you will. If you want to walk away with something practical you will. I wanted something new, something upbeat, something unpredictable... adrenaline-filled, something I hadn't heard before from a black female artist."

She is well on her way to accomplishing just that. Armed with an impressive musical dexterity, thought provoking lyrics and a soothing alto, she will first open your mind, then your ears, and inevitably open your heart and soul until you may believe, that Porsche Smith is indeed, superhuman.

-By Laurent Williams


*Release of Superhuman album (January 2013)

*Release of The BreakUp Mixtape (Spring 2011)

*Release of Beauty and the Beats EP (Summer 2010)

*John Legends Be Legendary Grand Prize Winner for cover song Everybody Knows (Summer 2009)

*Release of Loveland EP (Spring 2009)

*John Lennon Grand Prize Award winner for R&B song - Songwriting competition (2007) - "Crazy" (About Life)

*About Life album Featured with Cisco Records – Japan (2007)

*About Life Featured with Soul Brother Music – London, UK (2007)

*Release of About Life album (Spring 2007)

*Featured on UK Underground Soul Compilation CD with Corinne Bailey Rae and Jill Scott via Expansion Records (2006)

*Film scorer and musical composer for Indie film None of the Above (2006) / Written and directed by Jay Beverly & featured in the Black Hollywood Film Festival

*"Daydreamin" (About Life) featured at ASCAP songwriting convention in L.A. (2006)

*Artist Intern Feature in ESSENCE Magazine – December issue; pg. 35 (2005)


The Science

Written By: Porsche Smith

When you sleep you dream of things not pertaining to Earth
Notice how sometimes the laws of gravity fail to work
Until you wake up again

Coded messages about the past and present to come
Ever wonder what the purpose is or where they come from
I’m sure you’d like to know

‘Cause it’s the science of the unexplainable
Yet you gotta know that we’re all here from some place afar
Do you know who you are
Oh yeah

Uniquely designed and crafted for planet Earth
Bodies made to breathe the air, made up of the dirt
Ash to ash and dust to dust

But what lies behind the tapestry of flesh and bone
Is a spirit and a soul with an eternal home
Where do you belong?


Think about it
There ain’t no doubt about it
Too many signs that show us there’s so much more

Think about it
Have you really thought about it
Before we came and when we leave there’s something else in store



Written By: Porsche Smith

I done learned a thing or two
From many more than a few
Done seen many people do
Do some things you wouldn’t believe
So now, here’s the story of a dude
Girls he liked to seduce
Walkin’ in his hustling shoes
But I could see right through

Oh I done met dem guys a thousand times
Done seen the sparkle in their eyes
Enough to know that they are never truly one of a kind

I say birds
Birds… birds of a feather they flock together

Now here’s the story of a chick
Thought that she was a hit
But every time you passed her way
She never had nothin’ nice to say
Childhood tragedy
Left so much insecurity
See aint nobody foolin me
I looks beyond the maybeline

Oh I done met dem chicks a thousand times
Done seen the glamour heard their lies
Enough to know that they are never really one of a kind



Written By: Porsche Smith

Microwave and super size me
Make me famous in 2 minutes
Box me up and distribute me
They don’t really care what’s in it
Hurry up and wrap me up like
Bubble gum rappers and candy
I’m a red carpet superstar and everybody wit me

Lit me
As if the fire in me was somewhat
Kindled in the limbo
Under limo stretches,
Stitching, hemming,
Ways of iniquity with needles on the vine
Null the engagement of the cognitive design
To a bride
Who arrived on
Colored people's time
Decisions to divide
Cuz we don't think with equal minds
Well if everything's objective in every respective manner
Then if values had a value
Would the check you get still matter?
This conventional
Oven that we're loving so much
Leaves burns on our chest
And it's just
Warming up
Every generation said the same thing 'bout the last
And we don't have a frequency to listen to the past
But the radio is raising us up to minimum wage
-ing war against the audience with snipers on the stage
Headshots to model citizens to turn 'em into Tyra
Banks accessible to tycoons and tyrants
So we need more buildings
No, not no skyscrapers
But the people in your neighbor-
Hood, who got vacancies where there should be a leader
To tell them that slaves exist
And ask him
"How is he hanging; will he live or will he lynch?
May your letters make a word
May your words make a sentence
May your sentence make a statement
May your statement change the world
For the better
Bare it all
And they'll award you with the woody
Sorry for the buzz kill
My signature is in the shooting


Fresh out the package and on to the plate
Auto defrost no time to wait
Devoid of vitamins, protein-free
High fructose, corn syrup, MSG
Saturated fat, red die number 3
Press high on the microwave and make an emcee
As the turn table turn you can hear ‘em go pop
Better hope you get hot before the chef press stop
1200 watts, no stove needed
‘cause when it get cold fans eat it reheat it
the teens see the steam from the cream when it boil
but in this mainstream microwave I’m foil

If haste makes waste, i'm a lyrical crock pot
slow cooking on these beats, these lyrics is top notch
our music marinates, get the flavor and the juice in it
y'all microwave the melody, nuking the nutrients
oooh I let it simmer, I let it simmer
stirring substance into this four course dinner
you imitation splenda, I'm raw sugar cain
make the bell ring for you like you in the hunger games
you food poison don't leave the fans with hunger pains
you inundated the beat with mystery meat
with your pink slim rhymes, fast food mentality
y'all lyrical lard loaded with empty calories

Microwave and superstar me, just please don’t pass me by
I know the radiation burns me but I’m willing to fry
Willing to sign my name upon the dotted line now dot my eyes
I’m aiming blindly, exed my t’s, the cross behind me
A hex now in front of me, with them flashin’ lights
All I got cuz the label own my copyrights
I got copied rights, I’m a copy right?
A replica of what the deal said I would be right?
It’s the microwave ‘em chamber, your identity slash moral changer
Funny how fame and money change her
Gain the world overnight but her soul’s the labor
All new American fiends
Puppets high on a dream
NWO politics pullin’ the strings
Push the propaganda
You the next biggest thing
You get what you want
Now rap dance N**** sing
It’s the industry crook
Signing up slaves on a stage to be booked
My apologies
Needed an extra 30 seconds on my time to cook
Felt like I had to redefine the hook


Ready When He Comes

Written By: Porsche Smith

Mister don’t misunderstand
I got plans just like you
But I refuse to sell my soul
Your fame and fortune just wont do
‘cause I only wanna be ready when he comes
I only wanna be ready when he comes

The siren
Cant you hear the siren… we’re living in the last days of history
The Lion… the Lion of Judah… Yes he’s calling me

‘cause I only wanna be ready when he comes
I only wanna be ready when he comes

One world order
For the almighty dollar… but don’t you bow, don’t bow down
Get your house in order… get your house in order ‘cause it wont be long ‘fore now


May not get you to heaven… ‘Cause even stars they may fade away
Oh Zion
The beautiful Zion… upon d hill is where I’ll stay



Written By: Porsche Smith

Feelin a bit like Jonah
Telling me things I don’t wanna do
Sometimes I feel like I’m gonna
Pack all my bags to run and hide from you
Pack all my bags to run and hide from you

See Lord you know that I love ya
And place no one else above ya
But when it comes to your people
I cant say the same is necessarily true
When they don’t seem to care about the ish that they do

Now I know I’m not perfect
And your love sometimes I don’t deserve it
But why do the same folks abuse it
Oh God help me cuz I’m bout to lose it
Oh God help me cuz I’m bout to lose it – lose it

Feel like I just can’t fake it no more
It’s been too long I can’t take it (no more)
My self-control I’m bout to shake it
Oh the 6 o’clock news I’m bout to make it
Oh the 6 o’clock news I’m bout to make it
(Oh no!)

Feel like I just can’t fake it no more
It’s been too long I can’t take it (no more)
My self-control I’m bout to shake it
Oh the 6 o’clock news I’m bout to make it
Oh the 6 o’clock news I’m bout to make it
And lose control…

Lose control
Lose control


*Release of Superhuman album (January 2013)

*Release of The BreakUp Mixtape (Spring 2011)

*Release of Beauty and the Beats EP (Summer 2010)

*Release of Loveland EP (Spring 2009)

*Release of About Life album (Spring 2007)

Set List

The Science
Ready When He Comes



I got you

I Would Die For You (Prince)
Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
Sweet Thang (Chaka Khan)