Portal Window

Portal Window


One window takes you to brazil, another down a well, one is good for garden parties another will break your heart, one will talk insanity, one is a memory or dream... A Melbourne duo playing bossa nova, electro-pop, ragtime, soundtrack moods. Like Alices looking glass really.


Take a South American girl (made in Peru, produced in Australia); A classical pianist (turned avant garde multi-instrumentalist) and you have yourself a Portal Window.

[Paola likes to rollerskate, Clare likes to knit]
Paola attended Melbourne's renowned, Rock n Roll High School in the 90s playing with young rockers, Midget Stooges.

She then began to write with new concepts and visions in mind. An avid bossa nova fan she took a crash course in bossa nova guitar. Recorded on a 4 track came up with an EP 'Curious'. It included misplaced violins in the disoriented 'Nina Perdida'.

[Paola is tiny, Clare is tall]
Clare (Breakfast of Champions) became involved after meeting through their piano teacher in 2002.

They played the various venues in Melbourne & 2004 saw a residency at the intimate Murmur lounge bar, serenading in a moonlighting setting to loners and lovers. We also took part in the St Kilda Festival program.........................twice! waatch out!

[Paola has dark hair, Clare's is red]
2005 was spent recording an album 'A World For You' still in my computer....ohhhh.

Paola has performed solo in New York City, London, and Portland. Wrote songs in UK, Brazil, France and Italy, woah.

[We have played Badmington once]
2007 Paola mostly performed (drums) in the Soundparticles and guitar with her brother Arturo in Rio de Melodie playing mexican boleros/peruvian folk/spanish indie pop.

Forthcoming album, 'A World For You' will represent a little part of a world thats sits in their heads - a waltz or ragtime anyone?...

[We like silent films and making Blythe clothes]
**Themes include; soundtrack moods, bossa nova/samba rhythms and the usual catchy pop tunes with underlying beats.


Autumn Calls

Written By: Paula Veronica del Rio

Walking down the street
I think of you and me
There's no place I'd rather be

Falling like the leaves
In the tender street
Grey the clouds they move on freely

What would happen if
I fell into the stream
I will be sleeping peacefully

Nothing up my sleeves
Sinking disbeliefs
Now together it interweaves


Curious EP
Autumn Calls single from forthcoming album

Set List

I could tell you…
So long
Autumn calls
Lonesome clown
Samba en la tarde
Falling stars
A world for you
Along the canal
French song untitled
Only in Brasil
Lost in time