Port City Music

Port City Music


A musical journey through Savannah, from antebellum charm to industrial sprawl, Port City Music flows seamlessly from dark ambient moments to infectious, driving guitar rock.


Blending straight-forward, fuzz pedal-infused rock n roll with densley textured, cinematic compositions, Port City Music is a Savannah, GA based quintet that is out to prove that the legacy of Southern Rock is more complex than a beer-drunk crowd chanting "Free Bird." Drawing from a diverse list of influences spanning decades and continents, including Nick Cave, Morphine, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Syd Barrett, Dinosaur Jr., and Jeff Buckley, Port City Music's sound walks the line between dark and light, joy and pain, pop and noise, to create what lead singer/songwriter Philip Palmer describes as "melodic dissonance."

Drawing inspiration from the sprawling industrial section of West Savannah bordering the city's massive port, littered with generically-named businesses that include Port City in their name, Palmer set out to create a driving rock soundtrack for the dark, grimey section of his city as well as its historic, antebellum haunts and charms. Balancing between ominous, ambient moments and bright, engaging rock, Port City Music paints musical portraits of the city using evocative guitar riffs and rich, image-laden lyrics.

Born from the ashes of Palmer's previous project, Vermillion X, Port City Music began as an umbrella project for several unused songs that Palmer, a veteran of the music scenes of Savannah and Athens alike, never got to perform. However, the new group quickly grew into a full five-piece band that reached far beyond the musical scope of any of his previous bands. Palmer (baritone guitar, bass, and vocals) joined forces with his Vermillion X bandmate, and former member of Spluffcutunga Toby Taylor (lead guitar) and the duo then grew to include Chris Van Brackle (drums), Aami Stafford (keys, guitar, vocals), and Amanda Dickey (bass). Port City Music went from being a simple recording project to touring act that has played shows to rave reviews throughout Savannah and the Southeast, including Charleston, Augusta, and Athens.

As the band continues to explore the musical terrain between suffering and redemption, angst and euphoria, they have headed into the studio to begin work on a new album and will be touring extensively to help promote the project. For fans of real rock and roll who aren't afraid to delve into the possibilities of sound, texture, and composition, Port City Music is the band you've been looking for.


Sunday Best

Written By: Philip Palmer

Some wait for you
A drunken messiah
Others say you
A sunken pariah
I wake up early
Pray for my holy guest
Give her my Sunday best

Down on her knees
A ritual feeder
He's just a tease
A spiritual leader
Slithering salesman
Tell us it's all in jest
Give us your Sunday best


Port City Music (self titled) 2006

Set List

Saurian Dream
Joy Ride
The Coming Night
The 6/8 Song
Stand In
Lost Angel
Proletariat Party Song
Sitting Beast
Where Were You
Each New Day
Almost Home
Who Knows
Cut and Run
Sunday Best
Hands On