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Cork, Ireland | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Cork, Ireland | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Americana Singer/Songwriter




"quote from radio DJ"

"Hit The Road's got a
strong chorus. Great hook. Harp sounds phenomenal too, as
usual. hahaha...I aired a clip of it yesterday,I really like it"

(Kiel Kelly radio DJ at 104.7 Free FM Grande Prairie AB) - unpublished

"critique from IAMA Judging"

Top 5 - Hit The Road - PORTER

-Good guitar playing
-Good song & lyrics
-Good hook/chorus
-Great vocals, suits the song
-Great music production, artistic

-TOp 10 Finalist Potential

Rating: 9/10

- International Acoustic Music Awards

"News paper article"

A travelling artist from Alberta, has written a song to honour those who lived through the Fort McMurray fires this year.

Porter, a Canadian singer/song writer formerly from Grande Prairie and currently living in Ireland, wrote the song ‘A Northern Town’, about the many trials the residents of Fort Mac had to face this past year.

Originally from the Toronto area, Porter spent several years in Alberta, including a number in the Swan City.

In January 2009, he went to Nashville to pursue a career in music, and has since then has travelled all over the world to perform.

He found out about the fires while watching the local news and was stunned by the sheer scope of the tragedy.

“For the fires to be making news over here, I knew things must be really getting out of control,” he said. “A day or two later I saw that fort mac was being evacuated and began following the story closely online.”

He was inspired to write the song out of a desire to help and lift to the spirits of those directly impacted by the fires.

“I wrote the song because I felt helpless. A lot of good people were in need and I couldn’t do anything but watch,” he said. “The purpose is to tell the story, to let everyone know they did a great job and to bring hope to those who lost everything.”

While writing the song he had a colossal amount of material to draw from, and he said it was a challenging task to streamline the song.

“The main challenge for me was keeping it in the time constraints of a song,” he said. “It’s still longer then an average song, but I felt it was important to say what needed to be said and rock out at the same time!”

According to Porter, the song has received a fair amount of positive reception online, and he hopes that people will continue to make a personal connection with the song.

“To have a song they can say they were a part of. Maybe they donated clothes or food or money or had someone stay in their home for awhile. Maybe they were there fighting the fires or helping with the evacuation. They can have this song and say: we did this, this is about us,” he said.

To find out more and listen to the song check www.portersongs.com and his Facebook fan page: Porter. - Daily herald tribune


PORTER - HIT THE ROAD  (may 2010 album)

PORTER - WILDFIRE (may2014 album)

PORTER - A Northern Town (June 2016 single)

PORTER - VAGABOND (April 2018)




PORTER was born and raised near Toronto, Canada. Since he left there he's spent a great deal of time traveling the world. It was early on during this time adrift that he educated himself on guitar and harmonica. 

As the years roll past he continues to display what an excellent, unique and very interesting songwriter he is. His growing song catalogue ranges on many topics built around his non conformity life style. His stage presence is capturing.
Porter's folk/rock/Alt country sound is most often compared with Neil Young, Steve Earle and Tom Petty. Onstage, the modern day troubadour seems to comfortably shine. He keeps the crowds attention not only with great songs, but even between songs with his off colour sense of humour and hilarious traveling stories.
Porter enjoys playing, writing and performing so much that he's giving it a full time effort. Things got serious when he gave up a good job and a cozy home to move to Nashville in January 2009. He spent the next several months improving his skills, paying his dues and learning the music business.
The west has always called to him so in January 2010 he answered by "selling what I didn’t need" and moving into a new home. A 99 Dodge Caravan! All to be able to afford moving to San Francisco.
There he met producer Scott Mathews (who has worked with such iconic artists as Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison).The result was his debut studio album titled "PORTER - HIT THE ROAD".
With the studio work complete, Porter cruised back to Canada playing the Vancouver area. He single handedly set up what turned out to be a successful summer cross Canada tour following the release of the album! Spring 2011 he then set up his frist U.K tour bringing his sound to the other side of the pond, laying the ground work to expand his fan base. 
Porter spent 2012 tucked away performing on a smaller scale and working on new material. In 2013 he and his producer went back into the studio and put together an exceptional follow up.The new album was named WILDFIRE. Porter decided to delay its release and instead moved to Australia traveling and performing the new unheard songs throughout the country and extensively in the Brisbane area.Rather then return to Canada Porter chose to move to New Zealand.He was done keeping Wildfire to himself! In May 2014 Wildfire was released.That lead to Performing around New Zealand. After a year in NZ Porter Moved to Ireland where he has recorded his 3rd album VAGABOND due out this April!

 Porter has proven he can make the sacrifices needed to go after what he wants, 100%.
"Music is an amazing tool! It's the key to a locked door, It's more than entertainment, it can change people's lives!"
Keep your eyes on this troubadour! He’s proven time and time again that he’s got what it takes.
“Having put some miles under my feet, I now realize that if you can simply believe in yourself, then others will believe you too." "I’m standing on the edge of it all" says Porter.
Check out more pics and music at www.portersongs.com www.facebook.com/portersongs


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