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"Timeless Album"

"A timeless album full of rich, head bopping, musical gems." - Alloy Radio

"Catchy Alt. Pop Tunes"

"Memorable and catchy alt. pop tunes that will linger in your head for days on end." - SitDownStandUp.com

"Sweet Harmonies"

"Very nice sweet harmonies, wry lyrics - great to hear catchy melodies again. "
-Ramon Parkins - CBS Sunday Morning

"Upbeat and melodic"

Reminiscent of a simpler time in music, Porter Block's influences include The Beatles and Elvis Costello. Upbeat and melodic, Porter Block combines alternative riffs with the simplicity of today's hook-driven popular tunes to create an appealing sound. The band's leader Peter Block has collaborated with artists such as ADM from the Lordz of Brooklyn, and Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips from Galaxie 500 and Luna.

Published on Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:28:55 - The Deli Magazine

"Upbeat and Innocent"

" 'Suburban Sprawl' is brimming with the sort of acoustic-pop sounds you might encounter at a chain bookstore on a Saturday afternoon when some floor space is carved out for a budding band on the road. You may find yourself lingering a while, given some of the catchy melodies and buoyant vocal harmonies filling the air..............a vocal blend that occasionally brings to mind Barenaked Ladies and a collection of lyrics that are mostly upbeat and innocent. The dobro-laced opener, 'Wonder About Me,' make colorful use of bluegrass textures and point to more interesting things to come." - Washington Post (4/20/07) - Washington Post

"What Rock n' Roll Is All About"

"Porter Block may be the missing link between folk and rock. The New York City-based band's driving beats and catchy choruses are what rock 'n' roll is all about, but their insightful lyrics and skill on acoustic and slide guitar allude to a more sensitive side."

--September/October 2007 - Performing Songwriter

"Infectious power-pop harmonies"

"Off Our Shoulders... has them ease back on the richly resonating country twang and focus instead on finger-popping harmonies, staccato riffs and driving power-pop beats. The result is a pleasantly infectious 36-minute spread of over 10 catchy pop missives that wash over you like a cool summer breeze without ever outstaying their welcome." - PopMatters

"Eccentric Outfit"

"Porter Block is an eccentric outfit even for the Big Apple featuring mandolin, stand-up bass, and Dobro slide guitar with a vocalist who sounds like he owns every pop-punk record known to man....Definitely boasting a bit of bluegrass"
- Smother Magazine

"Smart indie pop rock"

Smart indie pop rock without the saccharine aftertaste is actually pretty hard to find.

New York’s Porter Block, essentially comprised of Peter Block and Caleb Sherman, recall the fresh, tangential approach to pop rock instrumentation of seventies primarily European-style lyrical groups.

That translates into ear candy to some, but Porter Block’s ear candy is imminently listenable in and of itself or as background music for a relaxing time. Their sound is not intrusive, yet occasional lyrical references draw one to a mindfulness of the quizzical lyrics of all-time greats such as Elvis Costello and Steely Dan.

Off-the-wall lyrical scenarios blend with acoustic guitar, banjo, faint steel effects in the face of their electronic counterparts and imaginative keyboard noodlings. The occasional jazz and rock detour soon return to familiar pop hook-laden lines and hummable tune quality.

“Wonder About Me” opens “Suburban Sprawl” with an acoustic flavor mindful of alt-rock/country bands such as Pure Prairie League before launching into “Worrying Man,” another folk-feeling intro.

By the time Porter Block reaches the sixth cut, one is wondering how two New York “city boys” developed the sensibilities fostered by numerous seventies singer/songwriter icons, the Eagles and similar pop standard bearers.

“South Beach Mile” mines 60s Beach Boy-ish guitar and alt-rock attitude before blending in an open-water Loggins and Messina twist. “Blackberry Girl” supposes an imaginary relationship with a fantasy love object within a restrained musical backdrop.

The title cut, “Suburban Sprawl,” showcases a piano-supported melody worthy of a soundtrack placement. Two CD single versions of “Wonder About Me” and “Something Better” round out the 13 songs submitted by this creative musician/producer team. - Texarkana Gazette

"This is How Albums Should Be Made..."

First, I want to say that this is how albums should be made—no joke. The quartet known as Porter Block have produced a well-polished and well-produced piece of work that resonates with a just a great SOUND. The band leased and built up their own studio in Brooklyn where they would be cooped up for about four months working on a new record. The members of Porter Block would surround their own studio with retro items collected through the years and the product is 10 highly enjoyable songs. Apparently having a studio that you can happily call your OWN can be very effective and extremely inspirational when making an album.

I have to say that lead singer Peter Block’s vocals are really in tune and right on throughout this record. The harmonies are soothing to the ear and each song adds a perfect blend of melodies. Call me crazy, but I even heard a little of Jacob Dylan-esque tone in Block’s vocal style. Also, heard glimpses of Elvis Costello in the way Block sang and annunciated his words.

I enjoyed each and every song on Off Our Shoulders, but especially liked “Lonely Levon”. The song seemed to have that slowed-down, bluesy feel and just such a laid-back and cool song. Hearing this track, I would call Porter Block the ideal “Pub-Rock” Band as I was sippin’ down a rum and coke at a local bar. In the words of the great Billy Joel, “Now we’re all in the mood for a melody and you got us feelin’ alright” and yes these “Pub-Rock” men will do just the trick!

I also love the message behind the song, “The Times Between the Good Times” because Porter Block is telling people not to forget about those moments in between the good times. Everyone remembers the good times, the good old days, or those unforgettable memories—whatever you wanna call them—but what happens in the middle of all that is special too. Really makes you stop and think for a second or two, at least I did.

Overall, I loved everything about this album and would highly recommend it to anyone. And if you have a chance to see this band perform on stage, don’t miss out because I can imagine with their impeccable studio sound that their live sound is just as impressive. To find out more on Porter Block and their new record, “Off Your Shoulders”, SKOPE out www.porterblockmusic.com.

Words By: Jimmy Rae - Skope Magazine


Suburban Sprawl - 2007 - Engine Room Recordings 2007
Solitary Hotel EP - 2007 - Engine Room Recordings
Off Our Shoulders - 2008 - Engine Room Recordings



The Washington Post describes Porter Block's music as, "catchy melodies and buoyant harmonies...a vocal blend that occasionally brings to mind Barenaked Ladies and a collection of lyrics that are mostly upbeat and innocent."

Peter Block and Caleb Sherman grew up just blocks apart on New York City's upper east side, but never met each other until 2003 when their musical worlds collided. Finding they resonated as songwriting partners, together they created the quartet Porter Block.

Peter Block grew up in a musical house - his mother was a Chamber music graduate in piano - and his initial venture into music was contributing musical shorts for advertisements and films, eventually forming his first band, Tripasaurus vs Blockhead in 2003. More recently, he collaborated with ADM from the Lordz of Brooklyn, and Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips of LUNA. Caleb Sherman made his band's first record with legendary producer Bernard Edwards. He then went on to lend his production talents to artists in Nashville to New York. (Her and Kings County, The New Black)

Two years since their debut album, "Suburban Sprawl", Peter Block and Caleb Sherman decided to make their follow-up in a completely different way, holing up in a studio with the band, tons of vintage analog gear and the goal of creating an album full of songs that sound great live. In other words, make an album the old-school way.

Knowing how important the recording environment is and aware of how much time they would be spending there, the duo built a live recording space in Brooklyn, The Carriage House, and filled it with retro gear they had collected over the years. Locking themselves in the studio for four months, the band emerged with about thirty songs that needed to be whittled down to ten.

A tour with The Samples gave Porter Block a chance to road test the new material. They returned to the studio to record the ten solid crowd-approved songs bringing in drummer Steve Holly (Paul McCartney, Ian Hunter) to add his distinct muscular drum sounds.

The resulting "Off Our Shoulders" is a rock record filled with catchy power-pop melodies, harmonies, driving guitars and a powerful back beat that one can imagine hearing both on the radio and blasting from a car's stereo. The radio-ready songs were developed out of simple stories. "All of Who I Am" sounds like a love song to a girl, but turns out to be about a Martin Guitar. "Sun Goes Down" was inspired by the famous Howard Cossell line "down goes Frazier" and was written as a radio broadcast of a boxing match. "Happy Everything" came from a holiday card and its overly perky sentiment conjured a cynic's perspective on the holiday season.

Porter Block was a 2007 New Music Weekly AC Best New Group of the year nominee. They also contributed to the popular, Guilt By Association compilation alongside Devendra Banhart, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Mike Watt, Jim O'Rourke, among others. The band toured the East Coast with Deep Blue Something this winter and will be heading out on tour again this Fall.