Portia is a soulful, neo-trip hop band, born not so much out of desire to express, but of an inability to suppress it. Melodious, eerie at times with a prominent electronic influence, sometimes grittier than others.


Eric Arner and Shane Miersch are veteran performers in the Windsor indie-rock scene. Steph Copeland has travelled far from her Southern Ontario roots to spend a few years in L.A. finally turning to the Windsor area as a convenient collaborative springboard for her involvement with the Detroit Electronic scene. While working with such up-and-coming Detroiters as Szymanski, E. Spleece, Jerry the Cat, and Ab/nrml, Copeland was approached by the two Windsorites to form the trip-hop/rock band, Portia.


Portia: Live Off The Floor EP

Set List

Our typical set is 45 minutes. We can play less, or up to over an hour.

Favourite Things
The Stairs
Salt Mine and Bright Eyes
Black As Day
Soft Static
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