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Let Go

Written By: Portia Lassiter

What's up with your attitude, why a mI feeling this way. I cant begin to speak on all the wrong things you say. It's clear you didn't value all the love I had for you, no problem tell me get over us because we're through. And I hate to say it but I've gotta let you know, I'm so tired of your ways I'd rather be alone.
No longer will I look at you and smile this aggravations not worhtmy while.One step forward two steps back how could you turn your back on me. Though it hurts me to state the truth I'm no longer apart of you. So let's make our peace and let it go ,just let it go.
I can't keep up with your insecurities because they're making me cry.My character has changed for the worse and of course we both know why.But love isn't suppose to make you feel all upset or make you look back on your decisions with regret.No.Im tired of apologizing when i wasnt wring, so I'm taking your advice and I'm moving on.
All you aggression, frustration, your anger you take out on me.Why would you pin all your demons on someone you could clearly see would do anything to make you happy even if that something hurt me.Now I can see that it was all in vain, never do I want to hear your lips converse my name, the feelings I have for you I can't explain just look into my eyes and you'll see the pain.
I can now look at you and smile, my happiness is worth my while. Two steps foward no steps back I've finally faced the facts about you. It doesn't hurt me to say the truth, I'm finally over you.We've made our peace, we've let it go, we've let it go.