Urban with an catchy edge that will capture and vitalize an message to both youth and more mature audiences. Music that every one will like.


Being 22, gives me the insights on the younger population, but, yet having been through a lot in life also allows me to correspond with those that are even older than me. Having both these qualities will allow me to not only focus on one particular crowd, but utilize these gifts to capture the likes of all generations.

Some of my influences are Aaliyah, Ciara, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, TLC, Destiny's Child, 3LW, Tamia, Megan Good, Jada Pinkett, ooh there is really too many to name, but these are some of my main ones.

Why Music? Music, is something I have enjoyed since the day I was born. My mom has plenty of stories to share; So many that will amaze people. My mom always tells people she knew that I would always grow up to do something with music and dancing. All through out my years of growing if, nothing would make me happy, music would always do the trick. Since, I am a very private and timid person, music is my way of expressing my self. I also feel that since music is the key factor for youth today and there are so many messages that need to be heard why not be the voice for us youngsters today. Although, my music is geared towards young adults my focuses are to also send messages to other young women like my self and all of our life struggles in the process of growth. My music will allow you to have self expression, but in an upbeat spunky type of way. The best lessons taught are those unseen.

Music has been apart of my life since day one. I've won tons of talent shows and it has even given me the opportunity to appear on shows as an child, but growing up you build a sense of fear. Which, allows you to hesitate on going after your dreams and I am tired of just sitting around and not doing what I love, because of the fear of what others might say. Just remember you can't please everyone. And, Most of all, I want to make all those who had faith in me proud, even if they're not with me today. Yes, it took me some time to realize and to just say I don't care what any one says I am following my dreams.

When my sons father passed away 2 years ago, I began to see the light. One day your here and the day you could be gone. If you let life take a tole on you it could destroy you and I will not allow this life to do that, so instead of letting life pass me by " I am following the flow". And this is now my time to shine.


I am working on this as we speak please stay tune for some hot tracks.