Portraits of Dale

Portraits of Dale


Imagine listening to music that initially captivates you by it's unique and refreshing sound but then realizing that the lyrics and the message of the music goes way beyond anything surface level and you have just defined what Portraits of Dale is all about.


“Personal, fresh, melodic, captivating!” That’s what audiences are left saying after a performance from one of Richmond’s up and coming bands. Formed in late 2008, Portraits of Dale emerges in the Christian music scene with a passion for innovative music and earnest lyrics. With a foundation of worship, singer/songwriter Lucas McGee establishes a platform of intimacy that is center to the awed atmosphere at every show. Backed by the intuitive creativity of Ryan Flood, Aaron Aker, and David Young, Portraits of Dale arrives at your venue with a spiritually driven musical experience. “We want to bring fresh, relative music that God uses in a big way.” The band does a wide variety of modern praise and worship music along with originals and other fun covers. With the release of their first demo, a definite buzz was stirred in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia. With their early success, Portraits of Dale looks forward to make their stamp on 2009.



Written By: Portraits of Dale

All our hearts move with a void looking to Your face As we offer up our love hear the noise we make

Hear us as we praise

All creation shall resound with songs of beauty Pleading for joy love's found in Your mercy Holy are You Lord You are worthy Only You our Lord

We are desperate without You Let our hearts awake We desire to be consumed in the highest place

Your Enemy

Written By: Portraits of Dale

Hello dear friend I'll trouble you for your time In distance I hear your death bell and for me it chimes It's ageless our recurring crime We are ageless we're falling behind

We like to play god show them who is right and never stop to listen

Do not leave stay with me I'm not your enemy I can't find my way to relief Speak for me let this be my cry for relief

We'd like to think we are different protected But we are just as wicked tempted It's ageless our recurring crime We are ageless we're falling behind

We point them all out determine who will die only to forget them and all their piercing cries


Written By: Portraits of Dale

The sun is alive light is near From darkened streets release your fears You are free

The sun is alive and we are here In our broken lives let love come draw near

It's all I can do to bring you near me step outside and feel the sun Take a breath and know you're near me Take anything you need now

But don't you run don't even move

The fire's inside calm your fears With open eyes we wait for love draw near

It's all I can do to know You're near me step outside and feel the sun Take a breath You whisper to me Take the world it's yours know

But don't you run don't even move

We won't see until we falter It's just this life we live this breath we take is Yours Beauty finds its way to our mistakes I'll come I'll hold you there but don't you run

Don't you run

Back to Life

Written By: Portraits of Dale

Return to me my hope hold this heart tonight Bring us back to life bring us light For our hope slowly receeds and fires soon will fade Your love is haunting me You are haunting

Life holds an ageless mystery You come and leave us longing Breath in us

Return to me my hope calm your pretentions Love will soon unfold love will calm Burning from within breaking from this skin We watch with bleeding eyes we watch for You

You're coming up from inside breaking through the lies You will set us free cause You have come to me Like sun into the night For Your attention I will fight Pining for Your fire Bring us back to life



Set List

Your Enemy
Let This City Burn
Back to Life

Praise and Worship: (these are only a few and we take requests)
Song of Hope
When Our Hearts Sing
Wondrous Cross
Ancient Skies
Sweetly Broken
Blessed be Your Name
Before the Throne
Hold My Heart
Rain Down

Two Princes - Spin Doctors
Crack the Shutters - Snow Patrol
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Stop and Stare - One Republic
Tom Sawyer - Rush