Ports of Aidia

Ports of Aidia


"To put it bluntly, this band is one of the most original in the tri-cities and I'm convinced that if the world were to explode tonight, this would be the only music left - because this would be the only band capable of surviving in space." -A. J. Hoffman, Editor for the Tridge Mag



I cringe upon hearing someone call Ports of Aidia a local band. Really. To me, they are so much more than that. To their fans, they’re more than that. To our scene, they’re more than that. In fact, anyone that says POA is just another local band doesn’t really know what they’re talking about. They have far too much talent to be stuck with a label like that, and they’ve been to far too many places. They never really stay in one place (both in the musical and literal sense) to pin them down and say they play _______ type of music and they are from ________.

As a journalist, I’m supposed to be objective. But as a rock reporter, I can honestly say that they have more potential and more talent than any other musical group in the area. They’re younger, smarter, sharper, funnier and more confident than any other band I’ve met. They don’t belong here.

They kind of remind me of that band, Clearwater, from the movie Almost Famous. Have you ever seen Almost Famous? What I like most about that band, and what I like most about POA is two very key things: 1.) Authenticity and 2.) Likeability. If you ever meet them, you’ll see that POA exudes both of these qualities. They’re authentic in the way that they were put together the way a band is supposed to be put together. The old fashion way – five young guys with nothing better to do, getting together and playing musical instruments in a garage/loft/bedroom/whatever.

Likeability isn’t really that important. Most bands aren’t very likeable. They’re usually rude and self-absorbed, because they are convinced that because they can play a guitar, they are in fact better than you. And you should believe it. The guys in POA are not like that. They’re down to earth fellows who just happen to have the drive to be in a band, with hopes of making it.

I can’t say enough good things about Ports of Aidia… and if I tried, you would think it was all bullshit anyways. What I would like to say though, is that this is a great live band and they’ve only been around for less than three years. They’re one of those rare breeds who are serious about their songwriting… and in the long run, this is incredibly important. When I was asked to write a bio for POA, they sent me a short list of bullet-pointed accomplishments to include. In the brief time span of three years, it’s already an impressive resume. It is as follows:

-A.J. Hoffman
Spring 2009

- started in 2006
- 2 east coast mid west tours
- 2007 plus 2008 tour exceeded 50 dates
- Played the 2007 Vans Warped tour Detroit date
- Played over 250 concerts
- Discography:

"Origami" 5 song demo - Recorded @ Down Beat Studio in Port Huron, MI march 2007
sold 1000 copies
"Tour sampler" 2 song demo - Recorded @ Sentient Studio in Chicago, IL march 2008
sold 1000 copies
" You are the Sky, and Im just the Pilot" To be released on June 6th 2009- Recorded @ Sentient Studio in Chicago, IL march-july 2008


Origami- 5 song Demo
Tour Sampler- 2 song demo

to be Released on June 6th, 2009 "You are the Sky And I'm just the Pilot." 10 song full length album

Set List

5 to 6 songs
any where from 25 to 45 mins

all original material