Music to make the Sun in your Soul Shine... Rock, Blues, Soul, Reggae, Southern Fried Americana Country, and Funk. We got it and You want it! We are the dreamers of the dream. Be a part of the dream!


Posamist creates a Soul Shakedown Party leaving you only wanting more. The music makers of Posamist are highly trained Positive Vibe Technicians promising a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

In under 2 years Posamist has played over 400 shows, to say Gig Experience is high, would be an understatement. Amatuers do it till they get it right, Posamist does it until we can't get it wrong.

" I give it all, yet they still want more. Left here wondering what I do it for. And it's this fire that burns inside for this love I can not hide." -- Joe Frew ( From the song, Without You )

Posamist does it because we love it. Posamist does it because we need to do it.

Most bands you can hear but Posamist, you will feel.

"We're all eternal Posamists, F*ck the Pessimists; F*ck em'!!" -- Ed Vedder of Pearl Jam ( From the "Live at The Garden" DVD )


P5 (2005) (Bonnaroo give-away disc)

Leave You Strange (2006)

Set List

Posamist keeps it fresh, by keeping it diverse.
A song list of originals and songs we have covered in the past coming soon!