Posh Army

Posh Army


If Guy Richie would make music instead of films, it would sound like this. Pure rock and roll, lyrical sophistication and an a massive attitude. It's rock like rock intended to be.


Influenced by Brit Pop, College buddies Maxxy Fowler and Nicky English started Posh Army on a hazy drunken night after a stark realization that music in the world post 2003 was sad and miserable.

That's no way to live life.

The duo recorded their first EP "WalesWalesWales" in 2006 and followed up with "Create Your Own Riot" in 2008 all the while gigging around and attracting an audience spanning from football supporters to business professionals -- blue collar and white collar alike have one thing in common - Posh Army is happiness, and happiness is good.


WalesWalesWales - 2006 EP
Create Your Own Riot - 2008

Set List

45 minutes long, songs vary.