Posh Hammer

Posh Hammer

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Combining the energy of rock n' roll, with huge pop hooks, big guitars, dance beats, and lead singer Tasnim's powerful vocals Posh Hammer crafts their own sound on that is undeniably modern with vintage flairs.


In the wild mountains just outside music mecca Asheville, North Carolina lives a trio of teenage siblings (and a drummer) with old soul and retro hair. From down, down in a basement littered with guitars, amps, microphones, and drums comes loud music for the ages. These teens play original pop-rock based music. Combining perfectly crafted hooks and catchy choruses with the energy of rock n’ roll. Start with The Beatles, layer in some David Bowie and Roxy Music, and then add The Cars or The Killers. Voila, Posh Hammer’s influences. But they make it all there own: Navied’s lyrics and lead guitar work, combined with Tasnim’s astonishing vocals, mixed with Tiam’s driving bass-lines, and held together by Dano’s powerful drumming, give posh hammer it’s own sound and vibe. Derivative? Of course. Unique? Absolutely? Fun? Way too much…


Posh hammer has made a career in music their top priority; even convincing their parents to homeschool them to give them the time needed to seriously pursue their dreams. They finished recording their debut album Some Other Time, Some Other Place at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in early 2014. Writing their own music and playing live every chance they get, this band is the real thing, the kind of music we are missing in today’s electronic world