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"Positively Nelsons - No More Tumble Weed"

The duo of Stephanie "Empress Auset" Nelson and Arvian "Sparkles" Nelson records as Positively Nelsons, and No More Tumble Weed is an impressive debut. Although they do tend to get a little bit preachy, they're so charmingly open-hearted that it's easy to forgive the sometimes finger-wagging tone of the lyrics. Sparkles is a particularly gifted lead vocalist, as she demonstrates on the lovely "Black Man" and "Tumble Weed." There is also some very fine deejay work on "Four Options," though it's not clear which sister is doing the toasting. The instrumental backing is synthesized and sometimes a bit on the cold side. Recommended overall. - Rick Anderson - niceup.com

"Review -No more tumble weed"

Arvian’Sparkles’Nelson-Duval and Stephanie’Empress Auset’ Are,…Positively Nelson. This is there debut album from di Nelson sista’s realeased in the summer of 2005. Melody vocals by ‘Sparkles’ and the motivating concious dub poetry from Sista ‘Empress Auset’. O yes these sisters know fi create di Irie concious vibes I tell yuh. Born in St.Croix(U.S.Virgin Islands) they were awredi singing with each other for a long time an on numerous events.But dis year 2005,inna Februari they decided to mek their own cd,well here it is,…an what an album!!! Filled with messages of love,Peace,conciousness. A real album to learn from!

I really an truly love it!!! Black man,A mothers love,Possitive vibes,Remember all SCORCHERS. There are eleven tunes on dis ya album,an all a dem a wicked mi a tell yuh,…it’s just those above became I man personal fvourites(yuh know how it goJ)

Arvian’Sparkles’Nelson-Duval,Stephanie’Empress Auset’Nelson,…mi Sistren,know yuh have I man Raspec seen! Keep on doing what you’r doing.

With you’r o so sweet voices and vibes,you are bringing a whole heap a Irieness an conciousness to di people.Bless yuh hearts mi Sistren,…Jah guide,…Always.

- Dread Vibration - bigupradio.com

"Review on album - Wait A Minute by Positively Nelsons"

Give thanx to di most high for granting di Nelson Sista’s di inspiration to set up yet another great album,…Blessed!!!

Wait a minute is the second album by these sweet voiced Sisten, from st.croix.

An mi haffi seh,…I man love it,….just like the first one called No more Tumbleweed(2005)

. I can hear how dem a grow from that time,but also that they had their share of problems/Difficulties/Hardship

, as you can hear in the first tune of this album,wich in a way is a biograpy

(So very nicely done,But also a message to each an everyone who try fi pull dem down!

Yuh all better know that them do what them a do,…Out of a passion,

that HAS to come out! An I for one am a so happy that they utter their Irieness an Conciousness

with their sweet Blessed innocent voices!!!

Bless yuh mi sistren an never give up yuh hear I

For with tunes like;A fathers role, Complexity of life, Faith is up to you,

love for Jah an many more di nelson sista’s a stand dem ground!!! FI TRUE!!!

Check it,an find it to be more than worthy to be in yuh collection.

An know I Sistren,Jah truly on yuh side deh yuh hear,…I Jahlive I seh so

- Dread Vibration - bigupradio.com

"Review on Album - No More Tumble Weed by Positively Nelsons"

This is a must listen to CD for all the conscious reggae fans. Lyrics are well written, the voices blend together to deliver a Positive Nelsons story. Great CD for your collection.
- Al Baptiste Sr - Xpress Band (Virgin Islands)

"Review on album - Wait A Minute by Positively Nelsons"

I can see the growth from then until now, you have laid a solid foundation. so it can only get better. I love it, this CD is my favorite. Good luck Empresses!
- Al Baptiste Sr - Xpress Band (Virgin Islands)

"Review on album - Wait A Minute by Positively Nelsons"

A CD that is a musical Trojan to penetrate every ones mind and soul with lyrics to make you think.
- Alton Aimable - tropicalfete.com

"Review on Album - No More Tumble Weed by Positively Nelsons"

From the Virgin Islands to Good Ol' NC, sing/songwriter Arvian Duval fronts the Raleigh Reggae act Positively Nelsons. The new album, "No More Tumble Weed," fuses wicked Jamaican Roots with Hot US Licks. This is premium underground.but not for long. Get the album at Raleigh's Jamaican Marketplace, or drop Arvian a line. - Bob and the Showgram - G105 FM (Raleigh, NC)


We have produced 4 albums:

No More Tumble Weed (2005 Release)
Wait A Minute (2006 Release)
Know Where You're Going (2008 Release)
So, Let Dem Talk (2009 Release)



Positively Nelsons are US Virgin Islands sisters, Arvian A.K.A. "Sparkles" and Stephanie A.K.A. "Empress Auset" who have been singing together for over 20 years at various venues globally but did not formerly become recording artists until 2005. Positively Nelsons’ music is an eclectic combination of various smooth and rhythmic reggae styles that will provoke thought, have you sitting at the edge of your seat or moving intrinsically towards the dance floor and the lyrics are filled with culture and meaning. Overall, the songs are uplifting, motivational and straight to the point.

Positively Nelsons have recorded four albums to date: the 1st album, No More Tumble Weed, was released July 2005, the 2nd album, Wait A Minute, was released July 2006, the 3rd album, Know Where You’re Going, was released November 2008, and the 4th album, So, Let Dem Talk, was released February 2009.