San Francisco, California, USA

We are a product of diversity San Francisco offers. Mixing rock n roll, surf, mariachi, Latin and Afro- beat, Posole strives to be a leader and not a follower, to make a fresh new sound and make people dance all at the same time.


We, Posole describe ourselves as a Mariachi Surf-Rock band with Latin and Afro-beat elements. We pride ourselves in knowing we are unique in our approach to how we sound; genuineness is our goal. We have toured nationally and internationally three times with one SXSW appearance. We are eager to let the world know our message and give the world something fresh.


Freedom Fighter

Written By: Daniel Martinez

Who are they to call the shots? Im not their property. I deserve to live in peace and harmony. If its money that they want, they wont find it here. If its my life they'll exploit. then its their life they will fear.
No hay justicia aqui.
plan to have my people suffer. I will stand my ground so I wont see you around.
No hay justicia aqui.


No Justice - Urban Scandal Records 2013. Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify