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Possessed Lyrical is one of the Hottest, Holiest and dynamic Lyricist out there. Collaborating on several nationally distributed projects such as Canton Jones newest "The Pass Word". Standing strong as a solo artist no doubtingly will enhance any ministry, club, or arena.


Possibly the most prolific young rap artists in the music world, Possessed Lyrical comes to educate and help convict young hearts and minds by "spitting" rhymes that declares the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Possessed with the spirit of God, Corey Arnold was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. As the hip-hop movement began to emerge, he started rapping at the age of fourteen. His ministry began with the rap group Kingdomfolk on Holywar Records. He then joined the hip-hop label Strong Tower, Inc. and was given numerous opportunities to minister throughout Georgia. His appearances include In Line Conference at World Changes, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church with Bishop Eddie Long, Club Soterior, The Bounce, Club Jubilee and countless ICM churches. In addition, he has reached lives throughout metro Atlanta by participating in community awareness events held at such places as Capitol Homes.

Particularly fond of southern rap, this lyricist has broken every barrier and bent every rule in gospel music. With his driving tracks and raw lyrics and intoxicating fusion is created. Possessed brings it to you live. The atmosphere of warfare against the enemy is so present in his music that the listener is compelled to get with the program and get their life in order. His voice is persuasive and precise and demands the world's attention.

Possessed doesn't hold his spiritual tongue he lets it rip. Whether he is educating on the dangers of living in a Dream or Reality world or he's informing the world that he Gets Down when he talks about the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is no mistaking who and what he is about. He is about the true messenger, Jesus Christ, and has patterned himself after Jesus to maintain His character and teaching style. He wants to reach and teach the entire world and he knows that he can only do so by occasionally "supping" or hanging-out with the thugs and the Knuckle-heads". They will accept him not only because of his urban apparel and everyday slang, but the will embrace the realness and anointing of what he is teaching. He knows the streets, therefore he knows what they want and need to hear.

Pursing a career in music is one thing, but when one's calling is to minister through music to save lives is another. Possessed understands that it is literally about life and death and with the Spirit of God Possessed is ready for the battle.


Possessed's first debut album was relesed on CaJo Records an is titled "Possessed Lyrical". He is currently working on his new project that will be released in the fall of "05"

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