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St. Louis, Missouri, United States

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
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Three-song demo, released late 1999

First full-length CD, 12 songs + 15 minutes of hidden material, released June 2001

Second full-length CD, 14 songs + 2 "hidden" tracks, released December 2002

A 6-song EP, released December 2004

A 7-song EP and music video, released separately August 2006
Second batch, manufactured November 2006, contains enhanced CD with music video for "My New Favorite Color" and songs combined

10-song CD, first batch enhanced with two music videos for "My New Favorite Color" and "Make It Hard," released May 2007

10-song CD, "This is Therapy", released August 2009

They continue to receive radio airplay on local radio stations and have appeared on the playlist for a radio program in the foreign country of Macedonia.

You can also find them streaming on numerous online radio stations. As new songs are recorded, they are streamed and available for download at Browsing their myspace page will give the casual visitor a peek at the candid reality of the band and their friends and fans.




Our latest CD, entitled "This is Therapy", was released August 28, 2009. We are working on a new music video and are working on a publishing contract.


One of POSTCARD's short-term goals is to tour. Our ultimate goal is to be able to make a living with our music, without relying on unrelated sources of income. Networking, marketing, and management are not strong skills for any of us, so we continue to look for folks who can help with booking tours, group management, and promotions.


Start listening to the songs via the player at the top of this page, or click on the "Audio" button to stream the songs and check out the lyrics. The songs from "This is Therapy", if listened to in the order presented here, instill in the listener a sense of progression through stages of depression. Of the songs from "Volume" included here, "Snow" is a hard rockin' anthem; "Cloud 8" is a bit quieter; and "Take aiM" is a solid, harmony-driven, screamo song that ends a capella.

Our calendar information is more current on our myspace page. Check out the "Past Dates" on our Sonicbids calendar to get a feel for other gigs we've gotten through Sonicbids.

The remaining paragraphs present the whole picture of how we started and where we're going.

... and thanks for looking at this POSTCARD (pass it around).


POSTCARD were formed in St. Louis, Missouri, in January 1999, under a different band name that they choose to keep mum about. Merrick Astroth and Nate Sloan met in the 7th grade and had been in a Beatles cover band together, as well as a couple of other bands separately. They decided to come together again to write and sing their own songs and were joined by Corey Evers, who is one of the most incredible drummers alive. Corey was 15 years old and Merrick and Nate were 16 years old. Nate had been a drummer in former bands, but his abilities were not nearly as proficient as Corey's, and someone needed to play bass, so he decided to pick up a bass guitar; somewhat surprisingly, the bass turned out to be the perfect instrument for Nate, and his expertise with it is jaw-dropping.

They wanted to be like Less Than Jake or Reel Big Fish, so they scouted around for a couple of horn players. No one that tried out seemed to be a good fit; so the band tweaked their primary genre from third wave ska to ska punk. Now they were more like Less Than Jake than they were like Reel Big Fish. They began playing at high schools and parties and recorded a demo at Music Masters Studio, mixed and mastered by engineer John �Obie� O�Brien, in 2000. They had such a memorable time during the recording sessions, that Nate wrote a song about Obie, titled �Paging Dr. O�Brien.� That song was included on their first full-length CD, recorded and mixed in 2001, by Tim Mauldin at Smith/Lee Productions studio.

Their first local venue gig was at the Hi-Pointe. From there, they got gigs at the Creepy Crawl, the Galaxy, Pop�s, and the Tin Ceiling, averaging two to three gigs a month and building a fan base of nearly 400. By the time they reached their goal of getting booked at Mississippi Nights, in the fall of 2002, their skills were sharper. The stage was like a second home to them, their performances were �tight,� and they had added a second guitarist. Casey Evers, Corey's twin brother, became the fourth band member while the band were recording their second full-length CD in 2002, recorded and mixed by Wayne Way at Bridges Recording Studio, and mastered by Dark Skyy Productions. Merrick asked Casey to lay down some additional guitar tracks for the CD. The extra guitar sounded so great, they asked Casey to permanently join the group.

Meanwhile, Merrick�s and Nate�s songwriting abilities became more and more diverse. In the beginning, one could always tell which guy had written the lyrics to a song by who was singing lead vocal. Because their singing and songwriting styles were similar back then, it was fairly difficult to tell them apart when listening to a CD. With each new CD, telling them apart became easier. It was as if the two guys, traveling together, converged upon a fork in the road, and each took a different path. The road Merrick took helped him create radio-ready, pop-punk songs. Nate took a darker path that led him to wade through the deepest, darkest parts of his soul, setting clever phrases to progressive rock strains that awaken one�s imagination.

In the summer of 2003, the guys decided the name they originally had given the group no longer fit their evolving musical style. After trying out and discarding several potential names, Merrick picked up a Who CD, started reading off song titles, and stopped when he got to �Postcard.� They decided to display the new band name in ALL CAPS (which is really hard to enforce). The hardest thing about the name change was starting from scratch aga