Postcards From Uncanny Valley

Postcards From Uncanny Valley


If you took Beck and Siouxie Sioux, threw them in a pickle jar with air holes punched in the lid, then shook it to make them fight... We'd sound a bit like that fight.


We are off the path. We are a fusion of multiple styles of music and have nestled up snuggly to the idea of 'Come One - Come All'.
We believe that audio & visual should be incorporated to enhance the audiences' experience. We believe that music should be a spectacle for all the senses.
We formed in December of 2009 after our respective bands succumbed to apathy and nihilism.
Thus, we did away with unnecessary members and streamlined our efforts into this project.
We are legion and we'll be seeing you.


Self Titled EP

Set List

Our setlist is currently at 12-15 songs.
Our set currently can sit anywhere from 45 min - 1.5 hours.
Covers include PJ Harvey, Beck, Fiona Apple, QOTSA, and The Fraggles.