2 dudes playing acoustic guitars with more energy than a full band. We have tons of live energy and solid music to back it up.


From the San Francisco Bay Area comes an acoustic duo pairing a melodic sound with an unprecedented live energy. Guitarist/singers Tyler James and Clint Cornfield have embarked on a trendsetting journey to reach fans and capitalize on music in a whole new way. “Technology is rapidly changing, and we want to be on the cutting edge of how artists will be able to deliver content,” Tyler said.

The band’s newest CD, The Banner Year, is being sold digitally at concerts—any fan can pay at their merchandise table and instantly have the songs uploaded to their MP3 player upon connecting to the band’s laptop. With Posterboy constantly writing songs, they’re already working on a new full-length, but this time are releasing the music one song at a time, as every month a new track will be available for download exclusively at their concerts.

The fresh marketing tactics don’t come without solid music to back it up, though. The energetic performance paired with a melodic acoustic sound bridges age gaps, and one mother explained at a show that “What my daughter and I have in common is this band.” “Plus,” added Contra Costa Times music critic Tony Hicks, “it never hurts to run around like border collies on Skittles.”


Sing It If You Know It (2006), The Banner Year (2007)

Set List

"Sing It If You Know It" CD
Hey Boy
Take This to Heart
Windows and Walls
For Being So Pretty You Sure Use a Lot of Cuss Words
…Of All Things Belittled
Imperfection at its Best
End of the World
When Violence Was Golden
Our Song (You’ll Never Know)

"The Banner Year" CD
We Must Be Mutually Exclusive
The Poolside
Don’t Worry; It’s Only An Allusion (Imperfection Part II)
Render Me Obsolete
Puerto Rico Called—They Want Their Dance Moves Back
That Summer