Post Human

Post Human

 Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL


2014 - Latin Alternative Music Conference. Pro .New York.
2014 - Seleccion Circuito de Bandas Emergentes Armando Records.
2013 - Tortazo Independiente Festival. Media Torta. Bogota.2013 - Sonar-Pro. Barcelona. Spain.
2013 - MTV Hits Latin America. Featured video HARD TO BELIEVE.
2013 - Colombian American Institute. Concert. Bogota.
2012 - Opening Act for Darkness Falls. Bogota.
2012 - Conectados. Gilberto Alzate Fundation.Concert. Bogota.
2011 - NIU. Barcelona. Concert. Spain.
2011 - Sonar-Pro. Barcelona. Spain.
2011 - Casa Haiku. Barcelona. Concert. Spain. 
2010 – Gilberto Alzate Avendano Fundation. Live Act. Bogota. 
2008 - Electrolux ( Fete de la musique ). Concert. Bogota. 
2008 - Colombian-American Institute.Concert.Bogota. 
2007 - LAMC-Pro. New York. USA. 
2007 - Nokia Trends Electronic Fest .Live Act.Colombia. 
2007 - Biblored.Public Libraries tour.Tintal,Tunal,V.Barco Bogota.
2006 - Leon de Greiff Auditorium. U. Nacional.Concert. Bogota.
2006 - Museo Nacional. Concert. Bogota. 
2006 - Nokia Trends .Colombia.Opening act for Ladytron.
2005 - 4º Encuentro de sonidos electrónicos.Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán.Concert. Bogota. . 
2004 - Rock al parque. Contest winner. Instituto de Cultura. Concert. Bogotá. 
2004 - Tortazo electro. Contest winner .Teatro media torta . Concert. Bogotá.
2004 - SHOCK awards nomination. Best electronic artist . Colombia. 
2003 - ELECTROPAZ. Electronic Fest.Live Act. Bogotá.


Hard To Believe

Written By: Post Human

Pick up the pieces off the ground
and put them back together
A whole new start for me
the sun is shinning through my eyes

And I find it hard to believe you´ll be missing
And i find it hard to believe i won´t see you
And i find it hard to believe you won´t be right here
Hard to believe


Written By: Post Human

Mixing and switching channels
and manners to get attention
Selection has made me Free
Free Free Free

All your intention affections
get so infectious
You´re so intense that the tension
Has Got Got Got Me

Free Free Free
Got Got Me

No Bitch

Written By: Post Human

My contradictions are the pain i like to feel
My suppositions are the world i like to live
My superstitions are the fears i like to bleed
Your best position is the doggy style for me

No other bitch will make me feel like this

Dirty Love

Written By: Post Human

Dirty love is what you get now

Dirty love is what you get now
stop messing with my beats
Dirty love is what you get now
don´t mess around with me

Dirty love is what you get now


Written By: Post Human

I got music to dance
music to heal
your favorite sound
Loud and Clear
I got music to dream
music to feel
come to my party
it´s all you can hear
Lou and Clear
Loud and Clear
Until i find my self
Until i find my self
awaken from love
Loud and Clear


2013 - Loud&Clear. Single.Discos Probeta.
2011 - Radiónica Vol 4. Free. Compilation. Radiónica.
2010 - Missing Sounds. EP. Discos Probeta.
2007 - Mínimas/ Máximas Texturas.Marcapasos. Compilation , Discos Konfort.Mexico.
2006 - Electrónica Nacional.Overinformation. Compilation.Shock Magazine.
2005 - Vida Portátil/ Posthuman Vs Turista. EP. Discos Probeta .
2004 - Atmósferas Artificiales. Álbum. Discos Probeta.
2003 - Corte Unisex.Emotional. Compilation, La Sala producciones.
2003 - Música de Panta. Involution. Compilation, Panta Muzik.
2002 - Mental Constructions. EP, Discos Probeta.

Set List

Lap Top Mac Pro
DigiDesign Mbox
MicroKorg Sintheziser
Korg Electribe EM-1
Novation Launch Pad
Korg Nano Kontrol
Epiphone Les Paul Guitar
Zoom GFX 707 guitar effects processor