Post Human Era
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Post Human Era

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Alternative EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Post Human Era - Where I'm Going Half The Time"

Post Human Era’s Where I’m Going Half The Time is a pleasant contradiction in net label music. While most internet projects concentrate on rave beats, drones or experimental sounds, Post Human Era has a foot firmly set in melodic pop. Whispering vocals float over easy mid-tempo beats and Tears For Fear style keyboards. To say that many of the songs would fit comfortably on FM Radio doesn’t detract from its high quality and imaginative twists and turns. “Ancestors” and “When We Are” are well crafted electro-pop songs while “Shroud of Turin” is a hard driving rock instrumental. Other tracks such as “Here Comes The Cavarly” and “I Awoke The Dreamer” are a bit more experimental but overall this is an good album of accessible but creative music.

The album is available in 320kbps MP3 from the Test Tube netlabel. - Free Albums Galore

"Post Millenium Era"

«Download it. Listen to it. And if you feel like running (or imagining yourself running) at the end of spring's sunny days then you'll have a match.
Mild, often happy - not euphoric -, mid-tempo - not too slow and definitely not too fast. It’s a pleasant blend of moments, from pop music to experimental stuff. It’s pop for the non-pop listeners (Post-pop electronic music if you want to name it). It’s more about instruments than voice, which has a slightly metallic touch (post-human). The passages, approaches of structure, melody (usually strong without losing it’s environmental side) and effects are often exotic; they don’t sound like a band’s everyday meal - the end of "Before Guns" is a perfect example of an ingenious and surprising ending.
Good moods are likely to arise through unconventional ways.» - Nuno Sousa e Silva - Nuno Sousa e Silva


To Build A Fire LP (2009)



Post Human Era is the music created by Daniel Finfer - who sings, composes and records everything himself. Daniel began creating music in Bellingham, WA, where he was inspired by local acts Death Cab for Cutie and Idiot Pilot. He then took his ideas to Santa Clara University, and what started out as an electronica project in his dorm room quickly grew into a fully-realized concept. Post Human Era is more than music - its a message, a warning, and a historical record of what has been and what soon will be.