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"Bookmark Postmark Twain"

Deep in the recesses of bookshelves and CD collections, Postmark Twain is writing their story and putting their enchanting words to music. Whether you are currently picturing this band in a library or in the studio, you might as well save a seat for the songs that are about to startle your eardrums!

Thankfully, Postmark Twain's story doesn't start with the clich/ phrase, "Once upon a time," because the word "clich/" does not appear in their musical index. The only "plagiarizing" they are guilty of involves borrowing the name of renowned author, Mark Twain, in order to create their unique band name.

Jim Gaven and David Sanchez were the founding fathers of the group, which began in January 2006. Despite attending and graduating from the same high school and college, the pair was never best friends. Unbeknownst to them, however, in a few years time they were going to become a musical act propelling themselves forward in the competitive music scene.

This fun-loving band was created when Jim's solo project (which has been in existence for six years and counting) caught Dave's attention during a show. According to the motivated vocalist/guitarist, Dave approached him with an offer to work and write together, and "the rest is history." Their vocals and guitars complimented each other perfectly, and the band officially took their first step. Mind you, it certainly wasn't just a baby step . . .

Shep and Kenny, a production team from New York City, believed in their work as much as Sanchez and Gaven believed in themselves. A few sessions were booked after the duo spent months writing songs, and the compelling EP, "Timing is Everything" was created. This EP flaunts the "runaway with me" track, titled "Running in Circles," where the guys sing, "Leave this behind and run away till we break the bend." It's a contagious and ripe song; undoubtedly one of the best in PT's collection so far.

Touring was their next ambition, since they felt that it was appropriate to promote what they had just recorded. Though they are a relatively new band, the guys captivated their audiences and widened their fan base with ease, making it seem as though they have been performing together for years.

In between tuning their guitars and spreading the word about Postmark Twain, two more band members were added to the lineup. Matt Leibowitz (lead electric guitarist), and Paul Marmo (drummer) added the element that Jim and David were searching for - a full band sound. Though the guys are currently still in search of a full-time bassist, they are getting by and working with the talents that every member graciously offers.

"A pop-rock explosion" is how Gaven describes PT's sound. How fitting, considering that their sound explodes like Pop Rocks candy and leaves the sweetest aftertaste in your ears! Whether Jim was endorsing the candy to which they were just referred or just trying to explain the music he and his friends create to the best of his ability, it's obvious that he is passionate about this project. Think BBMak and a hint of Plain White T's, as well as Jim's combinations, the Goo Goo Dolls and Gin Blossoms, and you've got an even more accurate description of their sound.

This band relies heavily on acoustic guitars that are brought to your attention before every chorus is branded into their works of art. With this soft, marvelously crafted sound, Postmark Twain resembles an innocent puppy that surprises you with warm kisses on the cheek. Their sepia-toned music would provide a great soundtrack for movies with storylines dealing with love, hope, and surprise happy endings.

Listing Dashboard Confessional, the Goo Goo Dolls, and Copeland as primary influences, Jim not only discloses that he has great taste in music, but also role models. He explains that it was Chris Carrabba who convinced him to stand under the spotlight on the stage and sing to people whose eyes were watching every syllable escape his mouth. "I can credit some of where I am today in music to Chris. He's also amazing live, and his vocal range is unbelievable . . . plus, I've never heard one bad thing about him in the media. It's so hard nowadays to have a clean slate when you're in the public eye, but if you do, it's a huge plus in my book."

Working towards the goal to connect with fans (Jim and David evidently don't treat their AIM screen names like social security numbers!) and put smiles on faces across the country, PT radiates creativity, positive notions, and pageant-type beliefs. Jim reiterates that Postmark Twain wants to "make the word a better place . . . and the music we create can be a stepping stone for that."

Gaven will be the first to admit that the most challenging aspect of being an up-and-coming band is getting people out to the shows. But once everyone discovers what PT is presenting both musically and lyrically, Jim remains more confident than ever. "We have so many people to impact and influence that don't know about us ye - Kayla Pongrac - Pulse!

"Associated Content"

Jim Gaven and Dave are two singer songwriters that hooked up to create Postmark Twain. They have a unique sound that comes from an influence of folk rock and acoustic. They are an independent band that find influences from their life and love of music. They achieved a bit of recognition by meeting with three major labels and were recognized as the #1 Unsigned Acoustic/Indie spots on

They can be found on you can hear their original music and see their site. They are really sweet and you can hear an interview about them on Some of their songs included on Timing is Everything include "Running in Circles" and "The One You're Looking For" Their sound is melodic and has a nice feel to it. They are modest young men trying to make it as musicians in a industry glutted with pop princesses and song and dance men. Their sound is best described as a unique acoustic sound. They are touring around the North East, from NY to Washington DC and Pennsylvania.

I saw them perform at The Tapestry Café, before it shut down and they are truly, nice guys. Perhaps it is the fact that 10,000 people are their friends, but I think they can make it. I enjoyed talking to them and hope they make it, they remind me a little of John Meyer. They harmonize well and are truly decent guys. Although I tried to interview them a second time on Jersey Fresh Talent, and we got mixed up on the day of the recording.

Although they are very good at music, they don't try to tell others about their politics, mostly because they don't spend a lot of time on politics although Jim is a bit of a pacifist. They are up beat in person and Jim is very articulate

Some of their accolades come from Brad Harvey from The Big Take Over, a music magazine. He said of the band:

"Serving up 20-something angst better than The OC, this Hamilton, NJ duo sports a spry pop radio sense reminiscent of Duncan Sheik -- any of these five tunes would sound great emanating from a college dorm. (" - Jaalah DuPont

""Postmark Twain's 5-song EP "Cause and Effect""

New Jersey natives feel good musicians Postmark Twain are bent on making their mark producing a slick follow up to their first EP, "Timing Is Everything," with their 5-song EP entitled, "Cause and Effect" that showcases their unique brand of honest, straight-forward music. Technically falling under the pop moniker, these guys are poised for greatness.

Postmark Twain has become one of the most talked about bands on the Internet and listening to their EP makes it obvious to see why they have met with three major labels, topped the unsigned charts on and named one of the Top 40 unsigned bands in the nation by The Daily Chorus.

What began as a songwriting experiment between two estranged New Jersey high school friends became a movement when vocalist/guitarist Jim Gaven and David Sanchez realized they had the same musical hopes and aspirations. Combing their life experiences, and desire to bring joy to the masses, Jim and Dave entered the studio in May 2006 and cut a catchy hook laden 5-song EP titled, "Timing Is Everything."

The incredible response from fans and the music industry pushed Postmark Twain to work even harder in 2007, adding lead guitarist Matt Leibowitz and drummer Paul Marmo to the line-up. Postmark Twain began to branch out of the home state, generating loyal followers up and down the east coast and even reaching into the mid-west. Their easy-to-approach personalities allowed them to be one of the most accessible bands on the Internet, often times messaging back thousands of fans daily.

With all the attention they garnered, they began their second chapter entering the studio with producer Rob Freeman (Cobra Starship, Hidden in Plain View, Hit the Lights) in December 2007 to create their follow up EP, "Cause and Effect" a 5-song voyage about letting go, starting over and moving forward.

"The Perfect Start," the first track on the EP dealing with the desire to set things right and begin anew, has a striking guitar solo and that feel good vibe. "Gotta Let Go," a high-energy song takes a look at living life separately and freeing one’s soul. "Graduation," tries to put the pieces back together and find happiness going separate ways. "Matter of Seconds," talks about not missing the chance to move forward and the excitement of a new relationship. Finally, rounding out the EP is "Our Escape," experiencing the real thing and defining one’s place in the world.

You would be hard pressed to find an unsigned artist with an EP that sounds this good, artistically, as well as sonically. After the amazing success of their first two years, Postmark Twain is looking forward with confidence, ready to gain new fans. Be part of their movement and get caught in their wave of success. - Susie Salva

""Timing is Everying" - Postmark Twain EP Review"

With warm guitar strums and smooth vocal interplay, indie pop duo Postmark Twain will capture your girlfriend's heart, and probably yours as well. Thriving on low key but upbeat acoustic sounding vibes, the Jersey based duo released an infectiously genuine and heartfelt EP titled Timing is Everything.

Postmark Twain is like Something Corporate without the emotional baggage of loss. For some, it's Something Corporate's bittersweet approach that's appealing. But the optimistically sentimental approach of Postmark Twain seems to be working similarly well. They boast the number one unsigned spot on Pure Volume and continue gaining clout with swooning major labels.

Jim Gaven and Dave Sanchez, with their buttery voices and easy sentiment, have mastered an introspective, highly accessible feel good formula to pop rock. Their EP, Timing is Everything was recorded with producers Shep and Kenny (Head Automatica, Cute is What We Aim For, Mandy Moore, and Bayside).

The five tracks from Timing is Everything are pure rays of sunshine in a world overburdened with trouble and dismay. Inspired by the lives of Gaven and Sanchez, the lyrics are both universal and accessible without ever seeming clichéd.

Postmark Twain doesn't amaze you with their complicated arrangements or difficult guitar chords. But high strung arrangements and impressive guitar fingerings isn't what Postmark Twain is about. Instead, their simple pop songs will capture you effortlessly.

Timing is Everything kicks off with the punchy "Running in Circles." Offering a fresh approach to a track about admiring a girl, the track is crisp and full of life. Postmark Twain intertwines loud interludes with quiet and subtle moments, eliminating any dangers of a monotonous love song.

"Five Feet Ahead," a song about anticipating what is to come, begins slowly with a guitar and vocal solo. The track then builds, leaving you with Postmark Twain's signature sound that's so strikingly similar to Something Corporate or Dashboard Confessional.

One of the sweetest tracks on Postmark Twain's Timing is Everything is "When You Fall." As the EP's last track, the duo leaves you with a song about the hopes of protecting the person you love even though sometimes you may feel weak. "When You Fall" might make the girls swoon more than the guys, but the track reveals truth in all of us.

With their honest lyrics and simple arrangements, the vocal performances of both Gaven and Sanchez shine. In the end, it's hard to beat amazing vocals over an easy going background of guitars and percussion. Warm and friendly, Postmark Twain will always welcome you with welcome arms. - Just Press Play


"Timing is Everying" - EP Released 2007
"Cause and Effect" - EP Released 2008

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What began as a songwriting experiment between two estranged NJ high school friends became a movement when vocalists/guitarists Jim Gaven and Dave Sanchez realized they had the same musical hopes and aspirations. Combining their desire to bring joy to the masses, they entered the studio in May 2006 with producers Shep & Kenny (Head Automatica, Mandy Moore, Bayside) and cut their debut EP titled “Timing is Everything”. Postmark Twain quickly received an overwhelming response, meeting with three major labels, topping the unsigned charts on, performing on Billboard.comand being named one of the top 40 unsigned bands in the nation by The Daily Chorus.

Postmark Twain’s amazing story is about to begin its second chapter. With the addition of new members Matt Leibowitz and Paul Marmo, the band entered the studio with producer Rob Freeman (Cobra Starship, Hidden in Plain View, Hit the Lights) in December 2007 to create their follow up EP, “Cause and Effect”: a five song voyage about letting go, starting over, and moving on. After a year of solid songwriting, full band rehearsals, and the finishing touches of mastering engineer Michael Fossenkemper (Matisyahu, Over It, The Spill Canvas), Postmark Twain is looking forward with confidence, ready to gain new fans and expand its influence to anyone and everyone along the way.

“This young duo from NJ has a definitively modern sound.”
- Billboard Online

"They’re like butter… I consider them one of the best young bands in Central Jersey."
- Patricia Stevens, Talent Buyer, Six Flags Great Adventure

"Vibrant, accessible, and heartfelt...
an effortless tribute to the sweeter side of pop-rock."
- Absolute Punk

"Expect big things from them in the future."
- Sound the Sirens