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İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
EDM Alternative




"Listen Before You Love"

“Also in our country, beautiful things are happening on behalf of the electronic music. Especially the sound of their last album immediately brings Radiohead to mind; or if you like to listen to UNKLE, Prodigy or Chemical Brothers, we highly recommend you to listen to POST’s new album Organic Hologram.”
- Daily Newspaper Radikal

"Interview with POST"

Quiet aggressive but with passion, we guarantees a perfect act with an absolute level of energy. Our simple but from the depths sound, encapsulates a mixture of sounds like UNKLE, RADIOHEAD, PRODIGY and CHEMICAL BROTHERS.
- Vents Magazine

"Interview with The Daily Newspaper 'Taraf': “Punk in modern times” "

“Punk in modern times” and the interview follows. - Daily Newspaper 'Taraf'

"Interview with POST at Daily Newspaper 'Cumhuriyet':"

“POST with its anti meta manifest” and the interview with the band follows in Turkish - Daily Newspaper 'Cumhuriyet'

"POST is now at Sound Magazine"

“In their own words “Post relieves the ones who are mad, and drives the ones mad who are not comfortable in a group of mad...”. With their Turkish and English lyrics, POST is now at Sound Magazine; they may be behind you, crosswise, or even in the middle of your mind with their electro, electro-punk, postpunk and live electronic music styles.”
- Sound Music Magazine

"Turkey is too small for POST"

Cagan Tunali, Turkey's young and talented sound engineer and producer, founder and owner of Noiseist Music Production, is known for its great support to alternative musicians besides popular ones. And now, in particular it draws attention to groups with the production of the LP of POST, which is getting ready to take the stage of the world's leading festivals.
POST is currently about to complete its first LP and is going to perform at the Canadian Music Fest and some other places in the US as well as in Europe.

If you are tired of the narrow-music market in Turkey, if have worries about the fact that this country has no say of something different, we recommend you to listen to this group. You will find what you are looking for.

"POST interview with ROLL Music Magazine"

"Emotional digital anarchy"
The text consists of an interview with the band - ROLL Music Magazine

"POST Interview with Billboard Music Magazine"

“Post has even managed to beguile the ones who ignored electronic music with the album's first single N.O.G.D. while getting prepared to publish a new album.”
And the interview with the band members follows...
- Billboard, Music Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



POST started making music in 2006 with Erdem Tunali (vocal) who is a composer, sound engineer and sound designer, Burak Serter (bass) a sound engineer and Salih Topuz (drum) a DJ and Musical Director at the same time.
They occasionally perform with guest musicians with different performances to enrich their shows such as brass players and MC vocalists.

They are going to perform at the CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK in March 2013 in Toronto. They also submitted to Chicago, Los Angeles and Glasgow to perform.

The influences of live electronic, dance, punk, hip-hop, trip hop and intelligent music are absolutely present in their music.

Quiet aggressive but with passion, POST guarantees a perfect act with an absolute level of energy.
Their simple but from the depths sound, encapsulates a mixture of sounds like UNKLE, RADIOHEAD, PRODIGY and CHEMICAL BROTHERS.

They always chase for new sounds and integrate new technology very well into their sound.
They make music as they feel and absolutely don’t let their music getting influenced by sense of popularity or or other mainstream concerns. They are experimenting with music for innovational concerns.
Whether it is a cover art or a video clip, they carefully pick up and work with art makers from different fields who have a smart and sophisticated approach with a sense of beauty.
As the philosophy of existence approaches “all as one”, they approach styles in music in its totality; they do not have a concern of style.
Such as their soul their music does not follow any rules or mainstream ideas.

ERDEM TUNALI started playing keyboard at the age of 10.
At the age of 17 he founded his own band and started to compose, play the guitar and sing.
Subsequent to this he experimented with different kinds of electronic music and composed an experimental-ambient album named as Existence.
He studied Sound Engineering and Electronic Music and in 2006 co-founded POST where he composed and became the singer of it.

BURAK SERTER started playing the bass the age of 13 and performed with his first band when he turned 16 in Izmir.
He studied Sound Production and Sound Engineering.
And he met POST in 2009 where upon he became a part of it as the bass player.

SALIH TOPUZ started playing jazz drums at the age of 14.
At the age 17 he already made his own handmade drum with his master and moved to the capital of music which was Istanbul. After playing drums in several bands he co-founded POST and so started his professional music journey.

Their music has occasionally been used as soundtracks for short films and as jingles for many commercials
Since 2009 POST is making the theme songs for The International Short Film Festival ART BY CHANCE, which is happening in 130 cities over 13 countries worldwide.

In these days POST finished the recordings of its 2nd LP and is working on the final touches in order to release it with the new year 2013. They again worked with Producer and Sound Engineer Çagan Tunali (Noiseist Record Label).

They are heading to Europe and United States as the target group of their music is mostly there.