Post Paradise

Post Paradise

 Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Post Paradise is a 4 piece Alternative Rock Band featuring a Lead Cello


Blending strong lyrical and melodic influences from multiple genres, the four musicians comprising Post Paradise deliver an indie/alternative rock sound that is unique and memorable. Combined with a synchronized light show, Post Paradise bring a rock edge and reverberating beat to an underlying indie classical vibe, best showcased by the punctuation of the cello, played by Amy Morgan. Fusing the depth and beauty of the cello with singer/guitarist Nick Duarte’s signature vocals and edgy riffs, the two become the cornerstone of the quartet further enhanced by Mark Roshon on drums and percussion, and Brian Zeiger on bass guitar.

Together, the four create a sound all their own, with echoes of nineties alternative, modern indie poeticism, and classical music. Post Paradise is now a seasoned and recognized entity on the Colorado music scene. 

Their brand new EP entitled 'Bring It To Life' was released in September of 2016.



Written By: Nick Duarte,Amy morgan,Mark Roshon,Chris Santolla

A heart, a flame, an ordinary name
Too smart too believe it
Decode the message for yourself
Turn off, unplug, and leave it

Hey talking heads, leave me alone, I don’t wanna hear it
I’ll keep the air inside my lungs to keep from breathing it in

We won’t let them take our future away
We all feel the same
A better world is rising from the flames
We’re not gonna break, we’re not gonna fade

You’re not to blame, you know it’s just a game,
A joke, and you don’t need it
Create the rhythm for yourself, the sound of your heart beating

I just don’t trust what’s out there
Check your soul before you go…

What You Made Me

Written By: Nick Duarte,Amy Morgan,Chris Santolla,Mark Roshon

What You Made Me

I don’t want to take your calls
‘Cause I don’t wanna stop moving on
and be another one of those sons

I’d rather be all that I am now
than all that I would be if you didn’t leave
You’ll never see, all that I am now
is all that I should be
This is what you made me

I’m not gonna wait all day
I wasted too much time on a car that never came
Always different stories but they all sounded the same

Digging Secrets

Written By: Nick Duarte,Amy Morgan,Chris Santolla,Mark Roshon

Broken and cast away
Where are you going in such a hurry, my little one?
You must’ve never learned
that digging secrets will only keep you in the mud

You get the first prize
for digging up the most lies
tell me does it keep you warm at night?
Now you’ve spent you whole life
dealing with the worst kind
just so you could set your home alight

The black under your fingernails
The blood that’s on your tongue
It reminds you of where you have been
even though you’ve just begun
Now you’re here and you just don’t care
what you’ll uncover or who’ll suffer the worst of it

But he’s just begun to fight
And it won’t be long
’cause this house of straw was bound so tight
with the lies and the words
that he’d heard for a lifetime

But it don’t feel right


Bring It To Life (Side A) - EP 2015

- Single 2014

Digging Secrets - Full Length 2013

The New Normal - Full length 2011

From Here to Anywhere - EP 2009