Post Rapture Party

Post Rapture Party

 Seattle, Washington, USA

We are influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees and Joy Division but also have varied influences stemming from Nancy Sinatra, Janis Joplin and Black Sabbath. The music has a jazzy soulful quality mixed with the dark riffs of death rock and the blues infused rocking of the 1960's psychedelic era.


Post Rapture Party is based out of rainy Seattle. The band is a five piece with me, Noccie singing and percussion, Kane on drums, Spooky on bass and traditional instruments, Ashe on Guitar  and Eventide on keyboard. 
We have played all over Seattle and are looking for gigs outside of the city. Just starting out our band has been performing for groups of as small as 30 but up to approximately 100 people depending on the venue. We were formed in May of 2011 but our members have experience in the local and national music scene.


Dust Devil

Written By: Noccie Blaireau,Kane Blaireau,Spooky,Ashe Tempest

Dust Devil, walk across this world
Sand Bones and Wind
Burying the path behind and the path at hand

They say the world will have it’s end
And you’ll be there
Gathering the souls at hand with your own intact.

Roam far, Roam Free.
There’s no one stop you.

He collects the ones that don’t care for their lives
Following the spark of life that you’re given.
He can smell your fear to live,
And he will fix that.
When he finds the spark, that’s where he digs the knife.

Roam far, Roam Free.
There’s no one stop you.

(Slow part)
Dust Devil, calls you.
Comes into your bedroom.

Dust Devil has the wind inside his head.
Through the ritual of murder
He commands the lives of the walking dead.

Roam far, Roam Free.
There’s no one stop you.
There’s no one to harm you.

The wind inside it burns you, till you’re free.